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Drum cutter

  • Product Classification: Drum cutter
  • Definition: Hydraulic Rotary Drum Cutter for Mining
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1) Cutting of trenches and shafts in hard ground.
2) Trimming of concrete and asphalt.
3) Trimming the surface of secant bored piles.
4) Cutting of tunnel profiles.
5) Any kind of rock excavation.
6) Removing stumps and roots of trees.

Hydraulic Drum Cutter Feature 
1) Low shake, low noise, low cost.  
2) Construction safety, high efficiency, small particle milling dug directly when the backfill.
3) Flexible, according to operating environment, the replacement the different milling dig cutter, milling ditch dug round rock saws disk, etc.Replacement is simple and convenient. 

4)Simple installation and maintenance of economic, efficient alternative to the bucket, hammer and other tools, great fun and a strong feeling of power to the new are under construction.

HMB drum cutter is preferred as below advantages:
1. Main parts adopt imported famous brands parts: Motor is Poclain from France, Pick tools is Betek from Germany etc.
2. Low noise, low vibration, and protect the environment. 
3. Precise control of construction: the contour of the structure can be trimmed quickly and accurately.
4. Construction safety, high efficiency, small particle milling dug can be used as back fill directly.
5. Flexible, according to operating environment, replace the different pick tools, round rock saws disk, etc. 

6. Replacement is simple and convenient.

1. One-stop service, producing all kinds of hydraulic hammers and excavator accessories, such as quick hooks, grabs, compactors, augers, rippers, etc...
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3. Sign a confidentiality agreement regarding product information.
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5. Fast delivery service
6.We provide free replacement and maintenance services within one year.

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