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excavator bucket

  • Product Classification: excavator bucket
  • Definition: excavator rock buckets are designed for road construction, mining, and quarry applications.
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As the top leading rock bucket manufacturer in China, We professionally design and manufactures all kinds of buckets, tilting bucket, , Skeleton Buckets, Cleaning up Buckets, 4in1 bucket, and other excavator attachments.Our bucket usually use strengthen plate in the bottom, add side protective plate, wearing strip, wearing block, original or domestic adapter and the tooth to reach high abrasion and bending ability, applying to different working conditions.

Excavator bucket is Suitable for digging earth with hard rock, it also can do heavy work, such as digging and loading solid rock

Main features of excavator rock bucket 
1.Use material of high hardness:Suitable for different machines of 1-45Ton.
2. Hihg level of welding technology.
3.Use the Q460+Q355 matarial.
4.All pins are heat-treated,firm and durable.

1. One-stop service, producing all kinds of hydraulic hammers and excavator accessories, such as quick hooks, grabs, compactors, augers, rippers, etc...
2. Provide free customized services. We have a professional design team to meet any of your requirements. At the same time, we can provide intimate pre-sales and after-sales services.
3. Sign a confidentiality agreement regarding product information.
4. The product will be tested before leaving the factory.
5. Fast delivery service
6.We provide free replacement and maintenance services within one year.

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