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hydraulic grabs

  • Product Classification: hydraulic grabs
  • Definition: ATG HYDRAULIC GRABS Refers to the grab, extremely flexible, used in construction sites, farms and other projects that need to grab precise objects, popular in Australia and other regions
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As one of the top excavator grabs manufacturers in China, HMB has a full range of grapples for excavators from 1.5-23 tons. They are suitable for all kinds of brands and models of excavators.

Used on construction sites, demolition or farms or any items that require precise picking accuracy

HMB excavator grabs/grapples Main Features
1. more flexibility, and versatility.
2. safe and high efficient;
3. Easy installation,Multi-functional and easy to operate; 
4. OEM service
5. one year warranty
6. pass ISO and CE Certificate. quality Q345B materials body with USA-made solenoid valve;

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Why choose us ?
1 one of top hydraulic excavator grapple manufacturers in China, 12 years' experience
2.more than 40 skilled workers.
3.QC team, pass ISO and CE certificate.
4.long warranty
5. customization service is available.

1. One-stop service, producing all kinds of hydraulic hammers and excavator accessories, such as quick hooks, grabs, compactors, augers, rippers, etc...
2. Provide free customized services. We have a professional design team to meet any of your requirements. At the same time, we can provide intimate pre-sales and after-sales services.
3. Sign a confidentiality agreement regarding product information.
4. The product will be tested before leaving the factory.
5. Fast delivery service
6. We provide free replacement and maintenance services within one year.

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