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What’s the accumulator of hydraulic breaker?
The accumulator is filled with nitrogen, which uses the hydraulic breaker to store the remaining energy and the energy of the piston recoil during the previous strike, and releases the energy at the same time during the second strike to increase the striking ability. When the hydraulic breaker itself cannot reach the impact energy, install an accumulator to increase the impact force of it. Therefore, generally small model do not have accumulators, and medium and large model are equipped with accumulators.
With accumulator
In the case of a single strike, the strength will be slightly greater, but it will not be reflected in the case of continuous strike. The rubber bowl inside the accumulator will damaged when the nitrogen is not enough, and it is troublesome to dissect the whole during maintenance. The accumulator is a relatively precise device. There should be no gaps during installation and maintenance, otherwise nitrogen will leak out, causing the breaker have no power and the rubber bowl to be damaged.
Without accumulator
Currently, hydraulic breaker industries are developing towards non-accumulator devices. Brands from Europe, America and Japan have cancelled the accumulator. The hydraulic breaker without accumulator is an advanced technical performance. The new developed and produced non-accumulator application technology theory cancels the original energy storage device, with simple structure, fewer failures, convenient maintenance, and lower cost, but the impact energy is not lower than that of the energy storage device. On the other hand, the elimination of accumulators reduces failures and saves costs. Therefore, users can reduce the cost of use and maintenance at the same time.
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