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HMB hydraulic attachments can provide one-stop product supply service.Find News about HMB excavator attachments manufacturers.
Take the biggest discount through all year
After an intensely busy August now we are facing with a fruitful September.
During this harvest season, we’d like to establish relationship with more customers letting them experience cost-effective Jiangtu attachments and winning us more credit and favorable reviews.
The company will launch sales promotion on all products in September. Highly recommended products including hydraulic breakers/hammers, wood/log grapples, rock/stone grabs, orange peel grabs, demolition grapple, quick hitch, tilt hitch, hydraulic plate compactor, etc.
Activity time: from now until September 30
Target customer: global customers
Activity products: all products
Preferential strength: please consult with customer service team
Browse all excavator attachments and related models. We welcome you to participate.

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