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What are the types of hydrauli chammer drill rods
The excellent performance of hydraulic crushing hammer drill rod is the basis to ensure the crushing construction efficiency. The drill rod has the shape of cone quadrilateral drill rod, flat end drill rod, flat drill rod, etc. Different drill rods have certain differences in the crushing construction effect.

Cone quadrilateral drill rod is relatively commonly used one, there are a lot of cone quadrilateral drill rod penetrating power, even if very hard objects can also be split force produced by the conical easily separated, its characteristic is to force concentration in a little bit broken, so I can produce strong crushing force, to discover the surface, even hard work hard objects can also be easily broken, such as high hardness of rock, concrete. It is suitable for operation with large crushing area such as mountain opening, road repairing and house demolishing.

Flat pole also known as a bit bit pole, the use of a wide range. Under the same working environment, the single bit bit rod is more wear-resistant, because their shape is more suitable for dealing with the hard material, all the concrete with the flat bit rod to break the reinforcement effect is better. The drill bar is also suitable for the excavation and trenching of sedimentary rocks, rocks with high hardness and cracks, as well as various soft and neutral layered rocks.

The flat head type drill rod is mainly used for the crushing of stone with medium hardness or small stone that has been broken. Its characteristic is: the energy through the flat head this big surface to release, will not produce the torsional force, has the very good crushing effect.

The principle of using hydraulic crushing hammer is to choose suitable crushing hammer and drill rod according to the actual working condition. The choice of the drill rod and the choice of the crushing hammer are equally important, because the drill rod is directly in contact with the material to be broken and is directly stressed, the improper drill rod will have a great impact on the crushing 

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