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Crushing hammer strike fre quency adjustment
The crushing hammer is an important working tool of excavator, which can break stones and rocks more effectively and speed up the construction process. Mainly consists of cylinder, piston rod broken hammer, drill, reversing valve, accumulator, oil seal components and other parts, in these components, under the joint action of accumulator on the hydraulic oil inlet kinetic energy + fuel oil cylinder rod uplink compressed nitrogen chamber, reversing valve switch direction after pushing the vertices, the kinetic energy of the hydraulic oil + nitrogen compression kinetic energy push fast downward percussion drill rod oil cylinder rod broken work done.

The frequency of reciprocating movement is closely related to the strike efficiency. The common strike frequency errors of the crushing hammer include no strike, intermittent strike, low strike frequency and weak strike. To this end, we need to understand what factors are related to the strike frequency adjustment of the crushing hammer and how to adjust the frequency:

General piston movement without striking, insufficient high-pressure oil flow into the crushing hammer without striking, and piston death are all factors that affect the strike frequency. The original strike frequency can be restored by adjusting abnormal parts to return to normal operation.

Under normal circumstances, if you want to adjust the frequency, you need to adjust the strike frequency of the crushing hammer by changing the stroke of the piston or the power source. At the same time, keep the working pressure and hydraulic oil quantity unchanged. The regulator is installed on the right and right side of the crushing hammer cylinder.

Hammer in the upper part or on the side of the cylinder body has a adjusting screw, in order to adjust the hammer blow frequency, use the wrench again after unloading regulator adjusting screw on the front of the nut turn adjusting screw, screw adjusting screw inward exactly get hit when the frequency is low, while the adjusting screw 2 turns out to get the expecte

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