Your excavator intake pipe fracture? I tell you in detail

by:HMB     2021-01-28
Excavator working environment are basically in the wild, the sun, use for a long time parts aging is very normal things. Engine intake pipe rupture is very likely to happen as a result of aging, not only such, excavator used long intake pipe is also prone to sound, so how to solve these problems? Below is for everyone to do a detailed analysis of the problems after your machine, can consider to give it a try! Engine intake pipe sound performance: excavator engine for secondary maintenance after commissioning, from the engine intake pipe in the first quarter of 'pa, pa. If inlet manifold put his hand over his mouth, the sound seems to have diminished. Idle speed, the sound is very clear, the similar cylinder pad broken noise. Failure analysis: 1) Through inspection found that the engine 1 cylinder inlet valve valve clearance. But before the commissioning of the cylinder inlet valve valve clearance is already adjust good, why suddenly and without valve clearance? And valve springs in a compressed state, loose the rocker arm shaft assembly, valve spring automatically return. This description is not valve spring tension is not enough, but the bad parts. ( 2) Remove the valve rocker arm assembly, valve rocker arm no hairpin, valve putting some bending deformation. To recalibrate the valve push rod, refitted valve rocker arm shaft assembly, adjusted the valve clearance, to commissioning. Diesel engine intake pipe, still have a 'pa, pa. ( 3) To check valve, found that the valve is in open position again, valve spring is compressed, the valve push rod slightly bent out of shape. ( 4) Remove the cylinder head and found 1 cylinder cylinder with diesel oil. The rotating shaft, found 1 cylinder inlet valve valve tappet. I don't come on XiaBuQu also stuck in the valve tappet guide hole, causing the inlet valve in a normally open state, causes the air inlet pipe 'pa, pa' sound. ( 5) Investigate its reason, the understanding that in the maintenance of the engine, the valve tappet due to wear beard hair, then packed in tappet guide hole, with a screw whorls such as tools to be forcibly pressure and contact with the CAM and takes a seat. As a result, the camshaft rotates CAM tappet in this lifter guide hole, tappet and tappet hole with is too tight and cannot return ( Valve spring tension cannot make its return) 。 Cause the cylinder inlet valve in diesel engine work, in a normally open state. In this case, 1 cylinder will not work properly. When the inlet valve of cylinder inlet on the one hand, the engine compression work when the exhaust stroke; Cylinders of exhaust gas or gas from the exhaust pipes at the same time, also a large number of discharge from the inlet valve. Therefore, within the inlet pipe of diesel engine first quarter issued a 'pa, pa. ( 6) Change the new parts, the valve tappet and installed correctly again after the commissioning, fault phenomenon disappeared.
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