You know about knowledge of excavator engine size?

by:HMB     2021-01-24
The size of the tile is bearing, crankshaft and connecting rod, the high hardness, wear resistant steel, consists of two blocks, laminating, the crankshaft and cylinder connecting rod and crank shaft connection parts. Small tile is connecting rod diameter of axle bearing shell, because of the connecting rod diameter of axle is fine so are smaller, actually the engine crankshaft using the structure of sliding friction, between crankshaft and bearing bush is sliding friction spinning directly. Size bearing shell key parts is the contact surface is by a kind of wear resistant materials in the above, the size of the bearing bush of the above coating is not a high hardness materials but gently with nail row, there is a mark of material, the precision almost 100% in contact with the crankshaft, a smooth engine no matter runs at high or low speed to keep the steady bearing, so in the installation of avoid by all means take Vanessa scratched! CTP engine crankshaft tile/large tile tile burning also calls the row tiles, tiles, tiles of crankshaft bearing and connecting rod bearing if poor lubrication, wear loss will wait for a phenomenon, is a serious and dangerous failure, light person bearings, crankshaft adhesive scratch, the person that weigh produce & other; Holding shaft & throughout; , even make the fracture. Engine tile is one of the most is not willing to see, in the event of tile, delay homework not say also need to pay high maintenance costs. Why embrace of engine, a lot of friends only know that is because of the oil, but the specific reason is not very understanding, in addition to the problem of oil, what other reason? Here are simple analysis for everyone under several kinds of common cause of engine detonation bad lubricating oil is the main reason 1 engine lubrication condition bad happen to embrace, in most cases is the oil lubrication is not good cause, engine working condition is bad, it's easy to have a big engine heat load, high temperature, and so on and so forth. If they are not used in accordance with the rules to choose appropriate levels of oil or use false inferior oil, cannot provide good lubrication for the bearing, bearing abnormal wear will occur and long running eventually lead to the presence of the fault. 2 engine oil viscosity is too large to choose authentic oil is crucial, but in the choice also needs to pay attention to the viscosity of engine oil level, if the oil viscosity is too big, can lead to oil mobility, will be a very good can't bearing shell heat away, lead to bearing shell temperature, it will also increase the running resistance of engine moving parts. Connecting rod 3 oil viscosity is too small if the oil viscosity is too small, when the engine is running and not easy to form oil film, this time will accelerate bearing alloy layer of wear, wear, eventually lead to the engine embrace tile 4 low oil pressure of engine oil pressure if too low, can lead to reduced flow between crankshaft and bearing bush, could not form normal lubricating oil film, result in bearing wear and damage. Affect some of the reasons for low oil pressure, such as the oil viscosity is too low, oil pump work can guide the oil pressure is too low. Poor quality of 5 oil filter oil filter is also key, inferior filter cannot very good will filter out impurities, multiply the impurity in the oil, some disadvantages of filter filter paper from even appeared, lead to filter blockage, eventually lead to impurities in the oil can't be filtered out, the engine lubrication conditions, thus engine explosion. Assembly need to be careful bearing assembly should be high enough some reasonable 1 bearing assembly preload engine appear fault, reason for bearing assembly of preloaded highly enough. If the bearing pre-tightening height is insufficient, can make the bearing shell and sit on the body while hole joint degree is insufficient, is not conducive to bearing cooling, leading to bearing shell killed, bearing bush turn in a hole, causing abnormal wear on the bearing seat, turn the oil hole jam, bearing shell temperature to burn out in watts of fault. 2 bearing pre-tightening height is too big, too big if the bearing pre-tightening can also cause tile. Bearing preloaded height is too large will cause bearing shell deformation after assembly, bearing surface wrinkling, bearing and fitting clearance of the crankshaft are destroyed, eventually lead to failure of. 3 bearing assembly gap is too small if wazhou assembly gap is too small, can cause bearings do not have enough oil to provide lubrication oil film formation, as a result of friction when crankshaft bearing line hair, serious when can appear even bearing burning-out and crankshaft lock. How to avoid the blasting tile operation and maintenance is crucial 01 cold boot into full load engine cold just start the lubrication condition is the worst of time, if after the engine began to enter the full load operation, the oil temperature is not higher, cannot provide good lubrication can lead to abnormal bearing wear, could easily lead to the engine for a long time to embrace. 02 stuffy car, often dragged many drivers habits like car, stop driving, actually this is a bad habit. This operation will increase the burden of bearing bush, stuffy car, drag out when the engine speed is low, oil pump can't work to normal speed, at this time of the oil will be very low, lower the engine also can appear the same risk of explosion. 03 of choose and buy quality goods oil and filter of oil on the market for oil, basic can satisfy the need. When oil of choose and buy, should strictly follow the provisions of the vehicles on the instruction for use, choose the right level, viscosity of oil. At the same time, it also should choose authentic oil filter, good oil filter can filter out impurities from the oil, keep the engine oil lubrication quality, as well as oil change regularly, to keep the engine to obtain a good lubrication condition. In general: only two special circumstances may be due to the oil factors causing serious faults.
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