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Yantaijiwei Corporate Culture Team Building

Yantaijiwei Corporate Culture Team Building


On the afternoon of January 17, 2020, a corporate cultural team building activity was held around the two major aspects of "communication" and "teamwork". All employees participated together and were divided into four teams for four rounds of competition.

The first project is "digital transmission". The host gives the numbers to be transmitted to the end of the row. Under the premise that everyone is silent and does not look back, the teams find ways to pass the accurate numbers from the end of the row to the head of the row. The team with the fastest speed and accurate information wins. In the first round, after the host made the rules, each team discussed their own tactics. In the end, no team passed accurately. The most exaggerated was passing 4576 to 25. They summed up their experience and started the second round. No one passed accurately. , The third round has two pairs of accurate delivery, and the fourth round is accurate.

During the game, the following pictures appeared: 1. The classroom was full of hits and slaps of various strengths. 2. The prompt design was too complicated and looked confused.

After the game, each team shared their own experience and concluded that there are two main methods of transmission: slap and back writing. First of all, when it started for the first time, everyone had mastered their own tactics. If you are not skilled enough, after a few rounds of practice, you gradually discover the problems in communication and improve them one by one. After the effective communication mechanism is established, the problems will naturally be resolved. The second is that the thinking cannot be too rigid. When the decimal point appears in the second round, the transmission method of other special symbols should be designed in advance. The third is to believe in the team. When everyone thought it was the hardest number in the last round, it was the easiest 0. Although everyone was full of uncertainty when it was passed, they still believed in the rules set by the team, trust plus Teamwork finally succeeded. This game mainly expresses the importance of "communication", and the team must pay attention to communication.

The second project is the "Jigsaw Puzzle Project", which is divided into seven groups. Under the leadership of the seventh group, the remaining six groups can complete the final goal of 1000 points under the task card with limited resources and limited time. In the end, we get 380 The scores of the six groups are different. After the game is over, everyone sums up the experience together. First of all, during the game, each group is fighting on its own without cooperating, not focusing on the company, and only focusing on immediate benefits. No matter how strong the individual is, its no use. Only by working together can we win. The second is the poor division of labor. There is no clear goal. When the task is issued, we will complete the task separately. We ignore the leaders of the seventh group. We ignore too much Factors, such as clear goals, reasonable division of labor, and perfect execution. We should first clarify team goals. Leaders should allocate limited resources reasonably, coordinate labor divisions, and communicate effectively, and execute them with the most perfect execution. Strive to accomplish the company's overall goals. Third, various departments should communicate reasonably. After the game is over, we found that department tasks are regular and follow. In normal work, we should also actively communicate with other departments, otherwise it is very likely to do a lot Repetitive work, waste of time. Fourth, after comparing the scores, it is found that there is a maximum score of 70 and a minimum score of 40. The reasons for such a large gap can be summarized in two points; one is that the department is too tough and has been plundering resources, resulting in unreasonable resource allocation. Each group focuses on personal interests, so while the overall goal cannot be achieved, the loss will be very serious. This means that in normal work, we should also focus on the companys interests, and limited resources should be reasonably allocated. While achieving the overall goal, personal value has also been reflected.

Thank you for the team building organized by the company, which made us realize the difficulty of leading decision-making, the importance of communication and the importance of teamwork.

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