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HMB 2020 Team Buliding Activity

HMB 2020 Team Buliding Activity


Yantai Jiwei 2020 (Summer) "Cohesion, Communication, Cooperation" Team Buliding Activity

On 11th July, 2020, HMB attachment factory organized a Team Buliding Activity to make our team relax and unite.

This activity revolves around the theme of "Cohesion, Communication, and Collaboration", which aims to cultivate employees' team cohesion and overall centripetal force. This activity helps HMB attachments team to strengthen communication and collaboration between all of HMB staff.

The activity includes viewing tours and Counter-Strike game.

During the tour, we visited a famous tourist attraction in Yantai called "WURAN" temple. All HMB staff enjoyed the beautiful mountains  and water view, and took a vacation for the body and mind in the busy work and life, which was extremely joyful.

When playing Counter-Strike game, everyone performed positively, the team members united with each other, adopted flexible tactics, helped each other, and improved the combat capabilities of the entire team.Through this game, the personal potential of many employees has been tapped to improve their ability to cope with difficulties.And we all know that, "Cohesion, Communication, Cooperation" can help us to do everything the best. 

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