Working principle of the turbocharger

by:HMB     2021-01-26
The supercharger often will appear on the large diesel engine. Under the condition of without increasing the weight of the engine a turbocharger can obviously improve the horsepower of an engine. It is a great advantage for the turbocharger is so popular. The turbocharger is a pressure sensing system. They will be compressed air and flow into the engine. Compressed air has the advantage of allowing in more air into the engine cylinder. More air means that may be added more fuel. As a result, can get more energy from each cylinder. Of a turbocharged engine than never turbocharged engine produces more energy. This can obviously increase the engine power and weight ratio, in order to reach the goal of pressurization, use the engine exhaust gas flow to rotating turbine of the turbocharger, this is equivalent to an air pump. Turbocharger turbine on the revolutions of up to 150000 RPM, with the exhaust pipe connection, the temperature on the turbine is also very high.
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