Winter excavators can't fire? The lawfel excavator parts small make up for you!

by:HMB     2021-01-18
Winter arrived, especially when the cold weather in the north, low temperature combined with a variety of other reasons make it difficult to excavator startup. Recently there are quite a few friends dig consulting small make up their excavator dozen don't caught on fire. today small make up a study of the causes of the fault occurring together with everybody.

excavators can't fire phenomenon is very common, here can be divided into cold and hot models can't fire two cases. Below is excavator parts small make up of a couple of reasons:

1. solenoid valve malfunction, diesel pump plunger wear and so on can cause won't catch fire.

2。 Fuel oil is unqualified, impurities and water too much lead to bad start.

3。 Check whether the oil pump is normal oil supply, normal injection nozzle is enough.

4。 cylinder seal bad, caused by abnormal engine cylinder pressure.

5。 Check whether the filling for antifreeze diesel, the northern winter low temperature filling diesel easy freeze cause won't catch fire.

6。 Check the operation condition of starter, ruled out after check the capacity of the machine.

7。 Then check excavator accessories battery unexpected circuit breakers, check the fuse is burned in the fuse box.

8。 And then use the universal table check if battery power, winter temperatures low efficiency of the battery is a very common phenomenon.

9。 Remove battery problem, check whether is the cathode contact and firm.

several troubleshooting methods:

1. First eliminate the problem of circuit can be lighter to see if there is a reaction.

2。 Check whether the lighter device is good contact.

3。 The battery circuit, oil pump, fuel injection system, etc.

4。 Whether the use of hydraulic oil according to the season standard, choose suitable viscosity is very important.

5。 Generator is the battery power supply unit, is also important to rule out whether generator fault point of failure.

6。 See if excavator parts of relay circuit short circuit or open circuit.

7。 Check whether the volume of oil tank is too low, low oil will cause the oil pump pumping difficulties, still can burn out the oil pump.

8。 Winter should pay attention to check the battery power, should be recharged when battery is low.

believe everyone be suddenly enlightened, after seeing the excavators of if you start the phenomenon of difficult, what are you waiting for! Immediately began to go to the screen. small make up remind everyone here must pay attention to safety.

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