Winter excavator battery maintenance knowledge

by:HMB     2021-01-21
The winter in the north winter comes slowly, low temperature environment on the influence of the storage battery is more and more serious. This chemical change relative to the battery itself would cause corresponding abate, general this case base is battery failure time, in this period of time, many teachers if not carefully the regular maintenance of the battery, frequent can't start the situation will be back.

small make up next to share some cold winter regular maintenance knowledge: battery battery charge need to be in what time is good? In fact in the case of a cold winter, battery charging is little skill, in many cases if the battery may not be as you might feel that didn't seem to use before to after the battery that is the reason. Generally in the electrolyte to reduce to 1. More than 25%, 2 cases or discharge working light dark or flared not ring, you need to recharge the battery.

how to correctly excavator batteries? First of all we need to know the battery is negative sign, many teachers in the case of busy with other things, will tell family members or friends to help the battery, at this time because they do not know your battery is negative sign, casually and battery may cause malfunction. Under the condition of battery, battery will have heating state. If temperature is too high, you need to stop the battery, such as a cooling off period before the battery. Several error we need to know about the battery: just buy drivers or replace a new battery, need to charge battery, we usually call the initial impulse, if the battery is insufficient, the battery charge capacity is not high, service life is short.

some teachers sometimes neglect to the battery recharged and so may lead to the capacity of the battery constantly become low, until finally starting to situation, you realize the mistake. In order to make the active material on the battery plate to be reduction on time, reduce the plate, improve the capacity of the battery charge, prolong its service life, the in-use vehicle battery should be regularly to supplement the battery. Excessive battery, battery for a long time for the battery is wrong, if long time for the battery, the electrolyte boiling for a long time, may lead to active shed particles may lead to oxidation. General service life of the battery in the 3 years or so, but in many cases the life of the battery also has a lot to do with use habits, sometimes a year's time is likely to take your battery loss, so we need to correct and reasonable for the use of the battery.

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