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Why is the application of hydraulic breakers more and more widespread?

Why is the application of hydraulic breakers more and more widespread?


Due to the rapid development of technology processing and the continuous improvement of equipment in various industries, the requirements for the machines used are also getting higher and higher. You must know that as an important work tool for excavators, some people install hydraulic breaker on the excavation and loading. Crushing operations on the machine or wheel loader. Breaking hammer is also called hydraulic breaker or hydraulic rock breaker, hydraulic hammer, hydraulic stone breaker. There are many names, but they all refer to the same machine. This machine uses hydrostatic pressure as the power to drive the piston to reciprocate. When the piston strokes, it hitschisel at high speed, and the chisel crushes solids such as ore and concrete. 

So why is hydraulic breaker so in demand more and more widely, today we will look at its performance to attract consumers.

1. hydraulic breaker has an accumulator: the accumulator is filled with nitrogen, which uses the hydraulic breaker to store the remaining energy and the energy of the piston recoil during the previous strike, and releases energy at the same time during the second strike. , To increase the striking power, usually by installing an accumulator when the breaking hammer itself cannot reach the striking energy, to increase the striking power of the breaker. Therefore, generally small ones do not have accumulators, and medium and large ones are equipped with accumulators.

2. hydraulic breaker has a structural design with enhanced impact energy: the hydraulic breaker adopts an optimized design concept, increases the stroke of the piston and cylinder, and uses the same large diameter as the piston and drill rod, so that the breaker can match the main engine better and is used rationally. High output energy, save energy, and achieve higher work efficiency.

3. hydraulic breaker is manufactured with high-quality materials and special precision technology: the material of important parts such as piston, main body bolt, main body front, oil cylinder, main body rear and other important parts have undergone strict quality inspection to ensure quality. The main components such as the piston, the front part of the main body, the oil cylinder, and the rear part of the main body are manufactured using heat treatment equipment, and many years of technical experience ensure the stability of excellent quality.

4. hydraulic breaker has light weight and low maintenance cost: the built-in structure of the control valve is based on the design concept of simple structure, less failure and easy maintenance. The newly developed and manufactured products have simple structure, light weight and convenient transportation; the number of disassembly and assembly parts is small, and the cost is reduced; the built-in structure of the control valve prevents the parts of hydraulic breaker from being damaged due to external impact. In addition, the structure is simple and failures are reduced, thereby reducing maintenance and use costs.

The above four points are already very obvious for the characteristics of the breaker. If you have friends who are interested in the breaker or have any questions, please feel free to call our company or visit us at any time. We will wholeheartedly welcome your arrival. Our company provides high-quality services for everyone based on the principle of "service-oriented, customer first".

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