Why don't you digging bucket and durable? The answer here!

by:HMB     2021-01-13

excavator accessories bucket is an extremely important one part, it is the core part of the mining operation. Due to the bucket in the job when they contact with many hard rigidity, so its degree of wear and tear is much bigger than the other parts. Today we introduce you to the matters needing attention in operation, prolong the service life of the bucket.

1。 Ban bucket falling mining

error method

use big arm or forearm bucket, promote rapid falling impact mining, especially on the hard rock, the impact of the huge reaction throughout excavator working device, pin shaft. Light wear and tear, as a serious when working arm will craze, broken.

the correct operating mode

using the big arm, forearm to speed up the bucket to the time of the construction object, digging also needs to be big, forearm with bucket digging, construction speed is fast, mining strength is obviously improved.

2。 Don't use the bucket back leverage mining

error method

when using the bucket digging large aperture objects, relieving front bearing, bucket back also to resist the object, while digging bucket card in the slot do, because the lever principle makes the relieving is several times more than the hydraulic system of forces, and easy to fracture, bucket back has also been wear and tear, so the operation is very damage bucket.

the correct operating mode

as far as possible avoid bucket back direct contact with the object, digging with forearm recovery action, make the whole process of mining are in the driver's field of vision.

3。 By rotary motion to drive the bucket side panel homework

error method

the construction often appear at ordinary times, the party appears blockage, such as earth, objects such as rocks, some of the excavator operator to put beside the bucket, the stones with rotary motion to knock aside do not matter.

which is used to the practice of serious damage to the bucket side panel, movable arm and rotary motor drive gear. So the work device of the long distance, because the lever principle rotary motor drive gear is the force will be magnified many times.

4。 Through a walking motion bucket homework

sometimes bucket inserted into the working face, using walking motor drives the bucket homework also sometimes appear, so do harm is very big, the first bucket, relieving was walking motor huge external force is easy to wear and damage.

in addition, the bucket cylinder and hydraulic line will impact on the oil cylinder cylinder rod will frequently slowly in and out of the action, the cylinder rod sealing ring wear, in all parts of the working device pin will also suffer.

through the explanation of the small make up, believes that many older drivers in their daily use of bucket used to reassess. Although bucket is different from the engine, motor and other important core excavator attachments, but as the iron giant bucket & ndash; — Excavator's right-hand man, daily maintenance and use is also cannot be bothered oh, absolutely excavator attachments small make up also hope everyone can cause enough attention.

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