Why don't excavator shovel? Do you know these drivers cold knowledge

by:HMB     2021-01-26
Caterpillar excavator is one of the main engineering machinery equipment in engineering construction, it down to the countryside, quarrying trenching, excavation channel, dredge waterways, master. Carter accessories, maybe you know various structure of excavator, perhaps you proficient in driving skills, different excavator then you may not know these cold knowledge of excavator. A: why didn't the excavator shovel? Everyday we can see the excavator are soil sand mining operations, excavator and can more than mining operations, however, can also replace head working device, or other operations. So called excavator excavator cannot be a single. Carter accessories 01 grab grab excavator can detect material fetching operations. Hammer ( Also called impact drill) Use percussion drill excavator to dig stone, gravel, floor, etc. Scarifier using scarifier excavator can have crack carter accessories lines of rock excavation, frozen soil, asphalt pavement performance, etc. 04 used hydraulic shears hydraulic pressure excavator carter accessories such as forcible entry, rescue operations. 2: dig to cable will get an electric shock? In the process of construction, there are often dig the cable of the accident. But the truth is, dig into the cable car operators will not get an electric shock. Reason: the excavator is an equipotential body, carter accessories large arm to touch the high tension line after all bring electricity, the operator has a high voltage, but because of the potential inside the car are equal, so the car is with the voltage but it can't form the current, and pole by the same token, the bird in the so you don't get an electric shock. But excavator are nearby may have an electric shock danger, at the same time, after digging into the cable if operators rushed out of the car, and are likely to get an electric shock! Dig cable after the right approach: close the excavator power and stop the operation immediately, and beckoned people around you don't get close to, after waiting for the rescue team coming out of the car. Three: excavator why only single arm? Excavator is a complex structure, difficult operation of a mechanical equipment. So at the beginning of the excavator design, equipped with a movable arm, is enough to meet the requirements of most of the construction, and operation of single arm excavator need to learn a period of time to master the operator. At present, also have special arms excavator, carter accessories mainly used in the middle of the industrial waste handlers and affected the rubble processing jobs, etc. Arms, however, drivers on the driver's operation level requirement is very high, may also need specialized personnel to operate. Four: demolition of excavator is how to climb to the top of the building? Open floor operations of excavator, carter accessories from the top of the layers start homework assignments down the stairs. When the excavator is not driving upstairs, but through the large crane hoisting on the roof. Five: excavator why still use the joystick? Most excavator need reason is: use the joystick operators experience needed to drive the excavator is a craft, a lot of complicated construction site conditions, and the construction demand is high, such as leveling site required only five centimeters of error, and a key set of operating procedures, it is difficult to meet random strain, precision, so the use of lever can be better to operate according to the working condition and construction requirement. After six: excavator in the car? After excavators in car accident, can't blind touch, otherwise will be deeper. If the correct approach is: 1, drivers from the shore, very close to the big arm accessories carter forearm straight, hard, tick the scoop the shore scoop a little bit to pull the excavator. 2, if drivers were not deep, can be found near the carter accessories goods such as steel, wood, logs mat under the chain belt of excavator, excavator can share out. 3, if trapped car serious or self-help fruit, do not take any action, take the time to find the crane, large excavator to the rescue.
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