Why do hydraulic pump shaft fracture? What reason is caused?

by:HMB     2021-01-27
Caterpillar hydraulic pump axis is a common fault, roughly the following several ways: 1, the shaft head JiGen: broken was because of concentricity is bad when installation, concentricity is bad, the axis of the motor and pump axis is an Angle or misaligned concentric circles, the motor has a hard impact to the pump shaft, over time, pump shaft outweighs the huge impact will be broken, the broken shaft time about a few months or a few days. 2, at the end of the shaft spline break: this is when the resistance is too large pump core broken, belong to the overload, the reason is that the overpressure use, pump core lock two cases. 3, as shown in the broken shaft, pump shaft is poor material or heat treatment, the biggest may be bad material. Rexroth hydraulic pump shaft fracture damage for many reasons, a few of the common reasons are the following: 4, dirt into the hydraulic press rexroth hydraulic pump, will be stuck rotor and stator, rotor Yang oil distribution plate and relative motion between the sliding surface, make the pump shaft torque is too big and fracture, so should avoid pollutants into the pump. 5, rexroth hydraulic pump shaft material itself quality problem, and heat treatment is not good, also easy to cause fracture, pump when the choose and buy hydraulic press so pay attention to the quality of the material of pump shaft. 6, rexroth hydraulic pump of pump shaft fracture cause severe overloading, abnormal high pressure relief valve failure system such as due, if there are no other security protection measures, pump because of serious overload and broken shaft, this should be caused take seriously. 7, due to the motor shaft and rexroth hydraulic pump shaft different heart, easily lead to rupture at work. After the pump shaft fracture to be replaced in time, but must identify the reasons of the break shaft, otherwise it will repeat. Stator wear fracture reason is as follows: 8, system oil temperature is too high, General control within 60 degrees Celsius) , resulting in the stator and blade can't form a protective film, the friction between the blade and the stator ( High) Directly between the friction is likely to lead to wear and tear, Phenomenon is the stator high with corrugated wear marks) 。 9, the hydraulic oil pollution, form a larger chemical particles, filter foreign body burst into the pump body, lead to local blade fracture, wear and tear of the stator ( Not only in high pressure area) 。 10, the hydraulic oil viscosity is too large, blade is not smooth at work, that is not thrown in time, lead to some uneven force and fracture phenomena of the blade. 11, insufficient intensity of main shaft through strength calculation know, spindle static strength and durability, both can guarantee crusher persistently normal work. Especially in iron, the bending stress of the dangerous section, most exceed the material yield limit. 12, the influence of overload in use process, due to the shortage of the spring pressure, the broken hard ore, crusher ministries often produced in the beating. Spring pressure to determine the correct or not, the crusher is directly related to the use and manufacture cost. Spring pressure is too small, will cause crusher can not work normally, Low production, product size too thick, badly damaged the parts) , on the contrary, the cutting pressure is too large, will cause the manufacturing cost is high ( Improve material and increase machine weight) 。 Due to the spring pressure is low, doesn't satisfy the need of broken ore crushing force, upper crusher ( Support sleeve, adjusting ring, etc. ) A sharp, resulting in parts wear and tear.
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