Why didn't the clutch caterpillar loader?

by:HMB     2021-01-31
Forklift truck engine and gearbox transmission using the hydraulic torque converter or coupler, when the input speed is small, and if the tire braking, at this time, because in the coupler is hydraulic power transmission, the internal liquid by friction, converts kinetic energy into heat energy consume. So at this point is to separate the power ( Play the role of clutch) , transmission of the car, hanging forward gears, idle speed, stepping on the brakes, engine power is through the same principle is converted into heat energy consumption. Hydraulic variable pitch instead of is we speak of popular CVT CVT Continuously variable transmission, its full name in English Continuously VariableTransmission, hereinafter referred to as the CVT transmission. Invention of this kind of variable speed drive mechanism is the Dutch, its transmission device, also known as no period of gearbox or stepless transmission. The biggest difference between the transmission and common automatic transmission is that it leaves out the complex and variable speed drive heavy gear combinations, but it only took two groups of variable speed drive pulley. By changing the contact radius of the driving wheel and driven wheel belt speed, its design is very clever. Due to CVT can realize continuous change gear ratio, transmission and engine working conditions is obtained the best match, improve vehicle fuel economy and power performance, improve the driver's manipulation of convenience and occupant comfort, so it is ideal for car transmission. No section has its own gear transmission cars, park, reverse gear R, gap of N, P the forward D, etc. , only when the car forward automatic shift very smooth, did not feel a sudden jump. But most also have a clutch has a clutch loader. Located in the engine and gearbox between the flywheel shell, with screw will be fixed in the clutch assembly after the flywheel plane, is the input shaft from the gearbox output shaft of clutch. It is mainly used to shovel of soil, sand, coal, such as material, can also be used for ore, hard soil, such as mild shovel dug homework. Change of different auxiliary work unit can also be bulldozing, lifting and other materials such as wood handling operation. In roads, especially in the construction of high-grade highway, the loader used in subgrade engineering fill dig, asphalt mixture of aggregate and cement concrete yard and loading operations. And also can be a force behind the soil, ground leveling and other machinery operation traction. Because the loader has operating speed, high efficiency, the advantages of convenient operation, so it become one of the main models of the conditions in the construction of engineering construction. Selection principle: 1, the model of choice: mainly based on operation situation and USES to choose and determine. General and the soft base to operate in a quarry, choose tire loader with more chain; 2, selection of power: the more commonly used construction machinery with diesel engines, in particular regional operations, such as higher than 3000 m above sea level, should adopt special plateau type diesel engine; 3, transmission types of options: generally choose hydraulic & ndash; Mechanical transmission. The key components is the choice of the form of torque converter. China's production of the loader choose double turbine, single stage more two-phase hydraulic torque converter. 4, when choosing loader, and taking into full consideration the braking performance of loaders, including multiple in braking, parking brake and emergency braking of three. Brake hoof type, caliper disc and wet multidisc 3 kinds. Brake torque device, commonly used the driving mechanism of the power supply with compressed air, gas cap oil and hydraulic type 3 kinds. Commonly used gas cap oil brake system, generally USES the double circuit brake system, in order to improve the driving safety.
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