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Why did the newly bought hammer chisel break after only a few days? What caused this? How to solve it?

Why did the newly bought hammer chisel break after only a few days? What caused this? How to solve it?


  The hydraulic breaker is the most common tool in the configuration of excavators. With the help of the power provided by the excavator, the effect of crushing concrete can be achieved. Why did the newly bought hammer chisel break after only a few days? "Is there any principle to follow for the broken hammer chisel of the excavator?" "How should we avoid breakage of the hammer chisel due to improper operation?" What caused this? How to solve it? HMB has sorted out the parts, characteristics, reasons and maintenance methods of breaker chisels that are easy to break.


1 The end of the chisel is broken and broken, mainly the pile top and the fried top. In addition to defects in the manufacturing process or the brazing steel itself, the cause is also related to the conditions of use of the chisel.

2 The fatigue fracture developed from the inside appears at the back of the chiselshoulder, and this fracture is related to the poor transition of the water pinhole bottom.

3 Fracture in the middle of the shoulder: This kind of fracture is mainly caused by forging defects.

4 The front part of the chisel shoulder is broken, and the fracture is flat. There are obvious fatigue crack propagation area and brittle fracture area. This fracture may be caused by the impact or friction between the chisel and the front of the chiselshoulder causing damage to the surface of the chisel.

Each part of the 6 chisel body may be broken. However, in most cases, the broken position of the chisel is mainly 100-400mm (about 200mm) in front of the chiselshoulder; secondly, it is in the range of 50-100mm behind the taper. In the longitudinal section after the chisel is broken, it is found that the transverse cracks of the above two water holes are very dense, indicating that the fracture is caused by corrosion fatigue. The reason why the transverse cracks are distributed in this way, in addition to the stress distribution characteristics along the chisel, is mainly due to the "hardness valley" (metallurgical gap) produced during the manufacturing process of the chisel, which accelerates corrosion fatigue.

二、Replacement steps of hydraulic breaker chisel:

Lay the hydraulic breaker flat-first remove the plug at the stop pin--knock out the stop pin--knock out the flat pin--take out the old chisel- - Touch some butter on the head of the new chisel --- Align the flat pins


三、The correct method of using the hammer chisel:

1. Before installing the chisel, check whether the breaker piston is flat, whether there are defects, and whether the guide sleeve is too worn. If there is any problem, install the chisel after repairing and replacing it.

2. The chisel of the crusher should be in vertical contact with the broken object when in use. If the object is tilted, the chisel should also be in vertical contact with the object and then be broken.

3. Drive the chisel into the stone or concrete to see if the stone or concrete is broken. If there is no break, move to a certain distance and strike again until it breaks. Do not pull it hard to avoid breaking the chisel.

4. Do not use the chisel as a lever, pry the rocks and avoid cracks, which may easily cause the chisel to break.

5. The chisel must not be hit for a long time in one place. A long time hitting one point may cause the tip of the chisel to become too hot and reduce its durability. Generally, the hitting time cannot exceed 30 seconds.

6. When the chisel does not touch the object or the object is too small or too thin, the breaker must not be hit. When a runaway is formed, the piston and chisel are subjected to excessive force, which may easily cause damage to the chisel and flat pin.

7. When the chisel of the breaker is working, if there is any abnormal sound (such as dull sound, fragile sound, etc.), it should be shut down for maintenance immediately to avoid loss.

8. Due to the high frequency of chisel striking, grease should be added every 3 hours during use to reduce the wear of the chisel and bushing. When not in use for a long time, please apply oil to prevent rust to prevent corrosion.


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