Why caterpillar generator belt is easy to burn out?

by:HMB     2021-01-22
Generators burning belt mainly for two reasons: 1, mechanical failure. Mechanical failure can lead to abnormal generator belt fever, such as conventional transmission resistance increased, bearing and shaft wear and tear, can also lead to high speed rotates, the friction work into excess heat. Heat generator internal resistance high temperature continuous increase, reduce aging, aging and mechanical components of electronic circuits, make whole generators is unusual, life. 2, electronic line fault. Electronic circuit failure divided into their own failure and level after circuit failure. Failures such as coil is broken lead to abnormal increase of virtual short circuit, the coil resistance increase its heat loss, etc. After class load circuit increases, the generator output current will continue to increase, its temperature rise of fever. Avoid vehicular high-power electrical appliances at the same time open, can reduce the occurrence of this kind of centralized heating situations. 3, fan belt first consider quality factor, only authentic original quality belt not prone to fracture failure, fake leather belt or substitutes increase the risk of fan belt fracture; 4, fan belt installation method is correct and incorrect installation method it is also the cause of fracture failure belt, belt installed side to be on a plane, belt after installation shoulds not be too tight or too loose; 5, fan belt due to long-term not use can cause weathering or pulley rust and easy to use the probability of fracture belt in running. 6, there is a kind of is the main cause of fan belt faults: mainly the pulley group didn't work in the same plane caused severe wear belt a short time. China all prompt if the engine fan belt around the chip can see a lot of black belt is belong to the pulley no works in the same plane. Another fan belt pulley of radial/axial work carefully observe beating timely find problems, troubleshooting.
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