Why always spill oil seal? Not new in _CTP caterpillar replacement parts

by:HMB     2021-01-22
Don't know why, is also raising drivers, and some JiaYou everyday for oil seal leakage, and some change oil seal JiaYou frequency is much lower, year in and year out may change several times, is this why? Although the price of oil seal is not expensive, but every day in trouble why always spill oil seal? New change also not cheap and there is no quality assurance of oil seal, the za don't say in addition to that, if oil cylinder oil seal leakage, or outer oil seal ( Before the oil seal) Worn out; Either within the cylinder itself is leaking condition, discharge pressure, such as common drivers off the arm, the inside leaking is that oil seal ( After the oil seal) There are damage. Before installing the oil seal, need to deal with the oil seal joint chamfering of burr, don't underestimate this seemingly superfluous action, but this will greatly reduce the risk of damage of oil seal. Before replacing new oil cylinder oil seal, we might as well first key check whether the oil cylinder has a strain, such as scratch scratch, if you have, then must take into consideration the handle, or every time a reciprocating motion of the piston rod, even if is the new oil seal can increase wear and over time oil seal will damage. Hydraulic system pressure can also cause deformation of oil seal. Simple: the system pressure is more than the limit of oil seal oil seal, in high pressure oil seal deformation is even high pressure hydraulic oil shocks into segments. Found in the hydraulic oil pollution, impurities, external dust, tiny particles, and so on and so forth, it is easy to cause oil seal wear accessories, until completely scrap must be replaced. Work without too much describes the hydraulic oil temperature, every year because of the high oil temperature accelerated aging oil seal and oil seal must be replaced examples abound, if oil seal damage is the root cause of the oil temperature is high, the JiaYou or take time to fix a problem with high temperature caterpillar hydraulic pump
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