When mining the oil temperature, water temperature rise at the same time, what should you do?

by:HMB     2021-01-27
As you all know, the oil temperature too high or too high water temperature is the biggest taboo in excavator in the assignments. What should you do if both at the same time? Small make up today to talk about with you, in the face of the water temperature is the oil temperature rise at the same time, how should we deal with. Normally, when the failure problems should first oil temperature drop to normal temperature after then to adjust the water temperature. When the engine oil temperature and water temperature exceeds 90 ℃, is regarded as the engine temperature is too high. When the two high temperature at the same time, will affect the normal work of the engine, and bring certain harm to the engine. Due to the level of the water temperature are mainly indicates that the engine combustion and the piston and cylinder wall thermal condition of high temperature parts. As a result, the water temperature is too high will leads to the deterioration of the combustion condition, high temperature parts produce thermal expansion, piston and cylinder wall gap narrowed, forming serious wear and tear or & other; Cylinder & throughout; 。 Oil temperature mainly shows the crankshaft and bearing due to the friction heat production, oil is the most of its heat, and heat production and heat balance is relative. When heat yield more than heat dissipating capacity, bearing shell temperature rises, the local temperature reaches the melting point of lead, lead in bearing shell will melt, and precipitation. After lead a large amount of precipitation, bearing more and more small and uneven, load surface wear, serious when local temperature can be more than 1083 ℃, the melting point of copper copper also began to melt, eventually lead to serious ablation or produce crankshaft and bearing & other; Tile holding shaft & throughout; The consequences. According to the test, when the oil temperature reaches 110 ℃, the temperature inside the oil film bearing clearance of up to 150 ℃. If the oil film temperature as high as 150 ℃ above, namely easy to rupture and half dry friction. As the crankshaft bearing is copper lead, if reduce improper measures, will make the bearing temperature is too high and the lead melting exhalation, consequence is unimaginable. Thus, when oil and water temperature is too high at the same time, should be first oil temperature reduction. Normally, we use the down load, low speed method to cool the engine. At a slow cooling fluid exchange time, extend the engine cooling time, so as to reduce engine load, the friction is reduced. When the engine oil temperature is high, can cause the oil performance is disorder, unable to form the oil film in mechanical parts, resulting in mechanical parts wear. Therefore, with the water temperature control of the hydraulic oil temperature is also a good auxiliary one way to maintain standards. However, in the cooling process, bear in mind that first oil temperature drop after the water temperature drop. If the first ways to reduce the water temperature to reduce the oil temperature operation, can cause the piston hin resistance increase and increasing centrifugal force, the crankshaft bearing load increase. In addition, will cause the shaft and bush's relative friction increases, which leads to the rising heat.
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