What's the water pump in excavator for? store

by:HMB     2021-01-30
Water pump is used for cooling fluid pressure, ensure its circulating in the cooling system, popular point is let the water cycle through the radiator engine cylinder each piece. Take away heat. 。 Ensure the engine is not high temperature. In excavator engine cylinder block, there is a channel for cooling water circulation, and put in the front of the car radiator ( Commonly known as water tank) Through water pipe connected to constitute a large water cycle system, outlet on the engine, equipped with a water pump, driven by fan belt, within the engine cylinder block water heat pump, the pump into the cold. Beside the water pump and a thermostat, excavator just start it, Cold car) Don't open,, make the cooling water without water tank, only within the engine cycle ( Commonly known as the minor cycle) Over temperature of 80 degrees, motives, open, hot water is pumped into the tank engine inside, cold wind blowing tank, when he was walking excavator take away heat, generally this is work. Excavator is used to drive the cooling fluid circulation pump. Only cooling fluid circulating engine cooling. Is the role of the pump after flowing through the radiator coolant pressure to facilitate the flow of the cooling water into the cylinder water jacket! Principle is the use of impeller centrifugal force produced by water pressure will be sent out!
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