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by:HMB     2021-01-26
Engine valve cover will affect the engine lubrication oil, serious under the high temperature weather may cause vehicle fire. So, if the engine valve cover oil leakage problems, should be timely inspection on its maintenance. Engine valve cover oil leakage reasons: 1, the screw assembly screws uneven if uneven, the pressure will be different. When the pressure is too large will cause the engine valve chamber deformation caused by oil leakage, this kind of situation will to repair the valve chamber. 2, valve cover gasket aging when car purchase year is too long or too long in a moving, valve cover gasket aging is a normal phenomenon, this kind of situation need to replace the valve cover gasket and seal. About engine valve cover note: engine valve cover main seal effect, to prevent oil spills. Vehicles per 20000 km, dealing with the inspection, such as have wear to timely replacement. Car use time is long, hard to avoid can appear some problems. Have friends recently asked small make up, valve chamber mat what effect will the oil? Below small make up as we look at, a hope to everyone can help. What is the engine valve chamber mat? It is a rubber mat, unwrapped valve chamber as you can see, each spark plug pipe sleeve have a cushion, it is have the effect of sealing, in order to prevent oil leakage. Valve cover gasket use can be big, can solve the main engine piston ring seal is lax, aging appears channeling gas causes high exhaust pressure causes the valve cover gasket closed lax, or is the oil quality time lead to too much piston ring adhesion, valve cover installation is uneven, and the valve cover gasket caused by aging. Engine valve chamber pad oil affect driving safety? Valve chamber cushion effect is mainly used for sealing, prevent the leakage of oil. Seal is rubber material more, because the vehicles use fixed number of year is too long, the rubber material will be aging, harden and avoid oil leakage. Because the valve chamber is located in the upper engine, valve chamber mat after the oil spill, will follow the cylinder cover of dirty oil, due to engine working when the body temperature is higher, adhesion on the surface of the body, the oil will gradually evaporate, the acrid smoke is produced. 。 Engine oil has a great potential safety hazard, such as adhesion on the exhaust pipe, ternary catalysts, such as high temperature parts easy to cause fire accident vehicle. The engine and the surrounding temperature is higher, especially sorching summer special vigilance should be vehicle fire accidents. Your car if there is any oil leakage phenomenon must not treat STH lightly, as soon as possible to service station for repair, eliminate hidden dangers. Other engine oil analysis: 1. Automotive engine oil sump oil is the oil pan gasket local oil, shows that seal aging and or quality problems, also want to remove the oil pan, the oil pan gasket to replace or local oil in land use glue to deal with! 2. According to recognition of automobile shock absorber oil shock absorbers have damage to the most convenient way is hard to get the body to press, to loosen, if say car jumps up to two or three times, to make clear the shock absorber is better, if there have been shaking, it may be broken. If the shock absorber oil spill, in that case, it will go directly to replace! 3. Automobile brake oil there is oil leakage condition detection under brake pump oil seal is aging or damage, if there is the situation, it also can be directly to replace! Determine the brake fluid under the specification is correct, or is it fake brake fluid, if say irregularities or fake brake fluid, that is about to change quickly! 4. Before and after the crankshaft oil seal oil seal leakage, it can be used to seal oil machinery components, if say oil seal is installed, the shaft and oil seal edge is different, it will have oil leakage. When cars use fixed number of year long crankshaft oil seal leakage, usually caused by oil seal aging, also can be directly to replace oil seal!
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