What is a stainless steel ball excavator bearing

by:HMB     2021-01-12
one Define

as the name implies, stainless steel ball excavator bearing is made of stainless steel ball bearings.

2. A brief description

with the ordinary ( Chrome steel) Compared ball excavator bearing, has obvious advantage on material performance. At the same time, the control of the machining accuracy is much more strict than the ordinary bearing. Has a good stability, low noise, rust resistance. It has been widely used in many industries.

3. Product features

usually, the excavator and roller bearing ring is made of stainless steel vacuum quenching and tempering treatment; The frame of casing and seal materials are usually AISI304 stainless steel. With proper lubricant and shielding plate, they can use - extreme temperature conditions 60℃~ + 300℃。 Stainless steel ball excavator bearing in food processing machinery, medical equipment, pharmaceutical machinery, and other fields has been widely used, has high mechanical strength and large load capacity.

4. Main stainless steel material

1. 440 stainless steel

2. 316 stainless steel

3. 304 stainless steel

5. The advantage of excavator bearings

1. Excellent anti-corrosion

2. Can wash directly, not need to oil

3. Can be used in the liquid

4. Slow loss

5. More clean and green


6 high heat capacity. Application

the following are some of the industries and products stainless steel ball excavator bearing

1. Medical equipment

2. Cryogenic engineering

3. Optical

4. High speed machine tool

5. High speed motor

6. Printing machinery

7. Food processing machinery

8. Stainless steel ball excavator bearing manufacturers

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