What do you know the oil pan is? What's the use?

by:HMB     2021-01-26
The oil pan is the lower crankcase, also known as the crankcase. Role is a closed crankcase as storage tank shell, prevent debris from getting into, and collected and stored by the flow back to the surface of the friction lubricating oil, diesel engine part of heat disperse, prevent the oxidation of the lubricating oil. CTP parts oil pan (carter 油底壳) Located in the engine below: can tear open outfit, and will crank case sealed as storage tank shell. The oil pan is much by sheet metal stamping, shape more complex generally USES cast iron or aluminum alloy casting molding. With its internal stability oil damper, to avoid the diesel engine oil level caused by shock plash during turbulence, is advantageous to the lubricating oil impurity precipitation, side is equipped with oil feet, used to check the oil quantity. In addition, the oil pan at the bottom of the lowest place also is equipped with oil drain plug. CTP carter accessories Wet Wet Sump see most of the cars on the market are Wet Sump, was named the Wet Sump is due to the engine crankshaft crank and connecting rod head in crankshaft every once immersed within the lubricating oil Sump, lubrication effect, at the same time due to the high speed of the crankshaft, crank every time the oil pool will stir up some oil and spray mist on crankshaft and bearing lubrication, called splash lubrication. This level of lubricating oil in the oil sump has certain requirements, if too low, the crankshaft crank and connecting rod big head cannot be immersed within the lubricating oil, lead to lack of lubrication and smooth the crankshaft and connecting rod and bearing shell; If lubrication oil level is too high and can lead to bearing the whole immersed, make the rotation of the crank shaft resistance increases, eventually leading to engine performance degradation, lubricating oil easily into the cylinder combustion chamber at the same time, the engine burning oil, spark plug carbon deposit. CTP carter accessories the lubrication method has simple structure, no need of setting up machine fuel tank, but the inclination of the vehicle work not too much, otherwise it will burn navarre caused by broken oil, the oil cylinder accident. Dry Dry Sump Dry oil Sump is used in a lot of the car's engine. It's not stored in the oil sump oil, more accurately, no oil sump. In the crankcase of the movement of the friction surface pore pressure by a quantity of lubricating oil. Cancelled due to the dry sump engine oil sump oil storage function, so the height of the oil pan is greatly reduced, the engine decreases in the height of the center of gravity is beneficial to the benefits of reducing manipulation. The main advantage is to avoid the wet sump that because of the intense driving and produce a variety of adverse phenomenon. All CTP carter accessories, however, due to the lubricating oil pressure from the oil pump. Oil pump power by the rotation of the crank shaft through the gear. Although in wet engine oil pan while also need to provide pressure lubrication for camshaft with oil pump. But the pressure is very small, oil pump requires very little power. Yet in a dry sump of the engine, the intensity of pressure lubrication needs. And the size of the oil pump to specific humidity type oil sump engine oil pump. So the timing pump need motivation is more also. This like mechanical supercharged engine, oil pump takes off part of the engine power. Especially in high speed, the engine speed increases, the intensity of friction components also increases, the need of lubrication oil too much, so you need to provide more pressure oil pump, the power consumption of crankshaft is intensified. CTP carter accessories such design is not obviously fit for ordinary civil car engine, because it needs to be a part of the engine power loss, will not only affect the power output, and not conducive to improve the economy. So dry sump will only be equipped with the large displacement or high power engine, such as those for the intense driving sports cars. For example lamborghini is USES the design of dry sump, for it can improve the lubrication effect of limit and have a lower centre of gravity is more important, and the power loss can offset by increasing emissions and other respects, as for the economy, is completely don't need to be considered for this car model. CTP carter accessories
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