What are the symptoms of valve seal aging _CTP carter

by:HMB     2021-01-29
Valve seal is an important part in engine valve components, its main role is to prevent the oil into the exhaust pipe, avoid the loss of oil, to prevent air mixed gas and emissions of gasoline and gas leak, and prevent the engine oil into the combustion chamber. If there is something wrong with the valve seal, it is inevitable to appear small problems. Today I'll tell everyone valve seal what are the symptoms of aging. CTP caterpillar excavator engine accessories stores. Valve seal the symptoms of aging, the first is the oil along the valve guide rod into the cylinder, which can lead to spark plug carbon increased, conditions, auto power down. The owner in the process of driving, can clearly feel the car became flesh. The second is the valve seal aging, lost its sealing, will lead to the oil into the combustion chamber of engine combustion, commonly known as the phenomenon of burning oil. Burn oil we are easy to distinguish the blue smoke coming exhaust pipe, the smell of the oil, it is easy to identify. CTP caterpillar excavator engine accessories stores. Valve seal aging many reasons, first is the valve seal installation problem, for example, when installation has been filled by a foreign body, dust, or bad assembly seal damage cause leakage. Additional seal leakage or installation direction error because of uneven coating processing, coating into the sealing layer. The second reason is that the selection of sealing problems. Bitten by gap caused by the pressure is too high, and then mixed with air, burning loss caused by adiabatic compression seal. Or high frequency reciprocating movement cause fever, dry grinding. Dust environment cause abnormal sealing ring wear, sealing groove is the rust of leakage and so on. CTP caterpillar excavator engine accessories stores. The master summary: burn caused by valve seal aging oil consequences is very serious, such as is irreversible damage to the engine. So master recommended found valve seal after the symptoms of aging, replace valve oil seal in time. CTP caterpillar excavator engine accessories stores.
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