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What are the reasons for the loosening of these broken hydraulic hammers?

What are the reasons for the loosening of these broken hydraulic hammers?


  In use, hydraulic breaker may be subjected to alternating loads such as impact and vibration, as well as heat, deformation and other factors. In addition, due to reasons such as excessive wear and tear, it is easy to loosen the originally fastened parts.

  What are the reasons for the loosening of these broken hydraulic hammers?

1. The bolt is broken

Due to the harsh working environment of hydraulic rock breaker, its parts are easy to wear, and it is normal for the bolts to break frequently to a certain extent. In addition, strong vibration force will be generated when rock breaker is working, which will cause the guard plate bolts and If the through bolt is loose, the thread of the bolt will often suffer fatigue damage and eventually lead to fracture. The cause is also the welding of the weld, causing deformation; quality problems, insufficient strength; single root force, the force is not uniform.

Handling and maintenance methods for hydraulic breaking hammer bolts that often break:

u Tighten the bolts after use for 20 hours.

u Standardize the operation method, try to do less digging and other actions.

2. The lower cylinder body is broken

Improper selection of cylinder body material or forging defects

The four through-body screws are loosened due to the long time impact of excavator concrete breaker. As a result, only one or two screws of the lower cylinder are stressed, causing the lower cylinder to break

Because the operator uses the chisel as a crowbar, the jacket and lower cylinder are damaged on one side

The outer sleeve is worn and the cylinder is damaged; the inner sleeve is seriously damaged, causing the drill rod to deflect, and the uneven force causes damage to the lower cylinder

Empty play

   Principle: When hydraulic Jack hammer is idling (when the excavator breaker is working, the piston does not hit the chisel when it is moving), the piston transmits the impact force to the steel drill, and the steel drill transfers the impact to the steel drill pin. Steel brazing pins are easy to break when subjected to a strong impact force. When the steel brazing pin is impacted, the impact force will be distributed to the steel brazing pin cross pin front and back. At this time, the steel brazing cross pin will top the inner hole of the steel brazing pin, which will cause the popping block at the edge of the inner hole to crack .

  Empty hit classification:

  A. Complete dry driving means that the piston does not touch chisel, and completely useless work is done. At this time, the excavator breaker has no energy output, and all is converted into heat.

 B. Incomplete runaway means that the piston has actually hit the drill rod, but because the excavator did not fix the excavator hammer, the excavator hammer was lifted, the drill rod fell back, and moved forward with the piston, returning to the piston. At the beginning of the movement, until it hits the flat pin. At this time, the chisel, piston, flat pin, front cylinder block, and bolt rod were all subjected to the component force of the impact and were all seriously damaged. At this time, the drill rod starts to return. If the piston starts a new round of movement during the return, the chisel will be hit by the piston impact, which will cause greater damage to the next flat pin. Moreover, when the chisel hits the piston, the impact frequency of the piston will be accelerated, which will aggravate more damage.

 So when using the excavator breaker, the phenomenon of breaker runaway often occurs. How to avoid runaway for the excavator's breaker accessories?

It is impossible to completely avoid empty hits, especially the second situation mentioned above is difficult to completely avoid. Therefore, hydraulic hammers have a certain degree of resistance to runaway, that is, the function of resistance to runaway in a short period of time. If the hydraulic hammer can withstand running dry for a long time, it is said that the hydraulic hammer has the function of running dry.

3. Falling pieces

Metal fragments fall from the breaking hammer during use, and the fragments fall after the front cover. After dismantling, it was found that the striking surface of the front end of the piston was damaged. The steel drill used in the breaker was checked and it was self-made for the user. The hardness is too high, when it is higher than the hardness of the piston, the front end of the piston wears faster during operation.

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