What are the precautions for excavator operation drivers operation

by:HMB     2021-01-24
Excavator work device of the operating methods, the left hand lever 1, push up: bucket rod royal; 2, down: arm mining; 3, to the right: the body turning to the right; 4, to zola: get on the car turning to the left; 5, the median: when the left hand lever is in the upper body not turn rotary, arm movements. The work device of the two, right hand lever 1, push down: movable arm drop; 2, pull upward: movable arm is raised; 3, to the right: bucket royal; 4, to zola: bucket digging; 5, the median: when right hand lever in a movable arm and bucket is not action. Three, special effects work unit 1, the safety lock lever when open the excavator's door, you can see it. Is used to control the working device, rotary motor and hydraulic circuit of the motor to walk through and closed. 2, walk lever is used to control the excavator to walk around and turn around, generally used with walking step together. 3, compared to pedal operating handle walking, walking pedal operation easier. Push the left pedal, turn right excavator. Before the right pedal pushing, excavator left. After push or pull before two pedals at the same time, the control excavator forward or backward. Excavator operation tip 1, effective mining method when the bucket cylinder and connecting rod, cylinder and fights the rod between each other into 90 degrees, maximum digging force; 30 degrees shovel bucket tooth and the ground, digging force the best cutting soil least resistance; With bucket rod digging, should guarantee the arm Angle range in from behind the front Angle of 45 degrees to 30 degrees. At the same time use the movable arm and bucket, can improve the efficiency of mining. 2, mining rock bucket dig rock will cause greater damage to the machine, should try to avoid; Must be digging, should be adjusted according to the direction of the crack of the rock body position, make the bucket can shovel into the smoothly, excavation; Inserted the bucket teeth in the rock cracks, with digging bucket rod and the bucket digging force ( Should be aware of the bucket tooth slippage) ; Has not been cataclastic rock and should be broken first, then use the bucket digging. 3, slope surface smooth operation for planar shaping machine should be flat on the ground, to prevent the body shaking, to grasp the movable arm and arm movement coordination, control the speed is vital for plane dressing. 4, loading operation level of the body should be in stable position, or uninstall difficult to accurately control rotation, so as to prolong the cycle time of operation; The body with the truck to keep appropriate distance to prevent was in a 180 - degree rotating body tail into the truck; Left turning mount, as far as possible do this vision, high working efficiency, to correctly master the rotation Angle at the same time, to reduce the time for turning; Lin is lower than the excavator truck position, in order to shorten the movable arm raise time, good sight; Sand, gravel, and then placed the boulders, so can reduce the impact of trunk. 5, soft ground or water in soft soil zone assignments, should understand the soil compaction degree, and pay attention to the mining range limit bucket, prevent landslides, accidents such as landslide, and car body subsidence is deeper. When in the water, should pay attention to body to allow water depth range ( Below the water should be at the sprocket center) ; If the level is higher, slewing bearing internal will lead to bad lubrication, because of the water into the engine fan blade hit lead to wreck by water, electric circuit components due to water intrusion of short circuit or open circuit. 6, lifting hoisting operation into the impact of hydraulic excavator, shall confirm the lifting site ambient conditions, use the hook on the high strength and steel wire rope, lifting will try to use the special lifting device; Practices should choose the operation mode, the movement wants slow balance; The wire length, appropriate for too long can make larger 'swinging and difficult to precise control; To properly adjust bucket position, in order to prevent the steel cord slippage; Construction personnel don't get close to lifting objects as far as possible, to prevent because of improper operation risk. 7, smooth operation method, the stability of the machine can not only improve the work efficiency, prolong the life of the machine, and can ensure safe operation ( Put the machine in a flat on the ground) ; Drive chain wheel in the back than in the anterior stability is good, and can prevent the final drive by outside force impact; Treads on the ground of the wheelbase is always greater than the wheel track, so the former working stability is good, try to avoid lateral operation; To stay at close to the machine, in order to improve the stability and the excavator; If the site away from the machine, cause of center of gravity forward, homework is unstable; Than positive lateral mining excavation stability is poor, if site away from the body center, the machine will be more unstable, so the site and the body center should keep an appropriate distance, in order to make balance, efficient operation. What are the precautions for drivers operating walking 1, excavator, should as far as possible the work device of the fold and near the center of the body, to maintain stability. Put the final drive back to protect the final drive. As far as possible to avoid past obstacles such as tree stumps and rocks, prevent track distortion; If must be passed through obstacles, should ensure that caterpillar center on the obstacles. 2, a mound, always work with device support chassis, in order to prevent the car body shaking even turn. Should avoid long time stop idle engine running on a steep slope, otherwise it will caused by the change of the oil level Angle and bad lubrication. 3, the machine long walk, can make the roller and the final drive internal rotation to produce high temperature for a long time, the oil viscosity and poor lubrication, so often should stop cooling, prolonging the life of the lower part of the body. Forbidden to walk on the driving force of digging operations, or excessive load will lead to final drive, such as car parts early wear or damage.
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