What are the cooling roads for bulldozer parts manufacturers

by:HMB     2021-08-02

What are the ways for bulldozer parts manufacturers to cool down?

Behind the shocking data, the continued “cooling” of the bulldozer parts industry is not without a trace. On the one hand, affected by the global economic environment, China’s economy also showed a downward trend at the beginning of the year. The government’s successive slowdown of investment in infrastructure and other infrastructure has led to a lack of supply in the bulldozer parts market, which relies heavily on investment; on the other hand, due to the disorder of market order , Low-level homogeneity competition is not uncommon in the bulldozer parts industry, especially since this year, in order to promote sales, the bulldozer parts industry even once appeared irrational low down payment, zero down payment phenomenon, the real cash flow has never been formed, and this makes The funding chain is further tightened.

Changyuan County, the 'Hometown of Lifting' in the construction machinery industry, faces the problem of low-end market competition. Questions came out when industrial development was frustrated. At this stage, although China’s bulldozer accessories industry has gained in many aspects such as brand influence, internationalization, technology and innovation ability, planning and total volume, quality and quality, company management level, value chain induction ability, and undertaking social responsibilities, etc. Obvious results, but if you want to change from a big country in the production of bulldozer parts to a powerful country in production, it is urgent to achieve breakthroughs in reliability, durability, technical functions, safety functions, comfort, appearance quality, and intelligent skills, in terms of energy saving, environmental protection, and emissions. The research and innovation of, vibration, noise and other aspects also urgently need to be strengthened. As long as this is the case, professional talents will reduce the risk of structural overcapacity, and company talents will be exposed from the increasingly serious competition of homogeneity. Log in for more information

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