Use the advantage of high manganese steel excavator bucket teeth

by:HMB     2021-01-27
Excavator bucket teeth are mostly USES is high manganese steel, the material of the dipper teeth using existing superiority is quite obvious, the use of high manganese steel material excavator bucket teeth have what advantage? Has good wear resistance, high manganese steel materials has good wear resistance of bucket teeth, this is mainly because of the high manganese steel material itself has a good wear resistance, and has a good wear resistance of bucket teeth even strong impact phenomenon appeared in use, can also ensure in good condition, there will be effective in reducing risk of damage. With high hardness, high manganese steel material of bucket teeth but also because of the particularity of production materials, therefore also has the higher hardness, in daily use are strongly impact surface can rapid hardening, and the center still has a good hardness, such as bucket teeth appear in use can effectively reduce the risk of damage, which is able to ensure the normal use of excavator.
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