Urban and rural construction good helper - — Small excavator, excavator accessories maintenance

by:HMB     2021-01-18
Countries continue to speed up the construction of cities and towns, the increase of cities and towns infrastructure construction investment, therefore, the use of small excavators, general improvement throughout the country. In order to ensure that the majority of consumers to buy small excavator during construction can reduce the machine failure, reduce machine down time, reduce the operation cost, excavator accessories maintenance cleaning cannot little, in order to better develop the use value of small crawler excavator.

use of small excavators, constantly improve, in order to better meet the demand of people, therefore, small excavators configuration are also constantly improve and sublimation, in order to prevent small excavators various faults and potential problems, therefore, operators need to understand a relatively professional excavator maintenance knowledge. In general, as long as the manage fuel oil, lubricating oil, water and air, can largely reduce the machine failure, so as to effectively improve the small excavator work efficiency and prolong the service life of the machine.

today, excavator parts will share with you a small excavator hydraulic system of the cleaning method: one, the small excavator hydraulic system when cleaning, work with hydraulic oil can be used to test oil. Do not recommend using kerosene, gasoline, alcohol, steam, or other liquid. Prevent the hydraulic components and pipe, tank and seal excavator attachments from corrosion. Second, the hydraulic pump operation and in the process of cleaning cleaning medium heating at the same time. Clean the oil temperature is 50 - Rubber slag in the 80 ℃, the system is easy to out off. Three non-metallic tie continuous percussion hammer, available in cleaning oil pipe, pipe line to remove attachments. Four, hydraulic pump intermittent operation is beneficial to improve the effect of cleaning, intermittent time is 10 - For 30 minutes.

five, on the road at the rotation of cleaning oil, suggest a filter or strainer. Started cleaning as impurities will be more, can be used 80 mesh sieve, late to switch to more than 150 mesh sieve cleaning. Six, cleaning time according to the complexity of the system and filtering accuracy and pollution degree is decided by such factors as general of 48 - Up to 60 hours. Seven, to prevent external corrosion caused by moisture, cleaning at the end of the hydraulic pump and continuous operation, until the temperature returned to normal. Eight, after cleaning to the cleaning of oil within the loop out clean.

only strengthen excavator digger users to maintain the understanding of the knowledge, understanding and the maintenance and the maintenance of excavator attachments, in order to better develop the use value of small excavators, effectively improve the work efficiency of excavator and prolong the service life of machine.

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