Two industry will promote the development of infrastructure investment steadily - Shandong collar

by:HMB     2021-01-22

the current infrastructure project financing is still tight & other; Steady investment & throughout; Policy transmission slower at the core of the reason, shandong collar to look ahead, with the rapid distribution, city of special bonds for platform company financing improved, 4 quarter of infrastructure financing is expected to ease. From the infrastructure at the point of view, is expected to infrastructure & other; Fill short & throughout; Will still be important in the Midwest is given priority to major projects of railway, highway, etc, in addition, some profitability better people's livelihood projects, including environmental protection, health, education, sports and other project also will become the key points of investment. Shandong collar on the whole, 4 quarter sign, building the company's new revenue recognition is expected to achieve accelerated growth.

: construction machinery industry prospects optimistic, engineering machinery sales growth is expected to be stable

shandong collar from the point of the same, the current production scheduling, excavator growth above thirty percent in 2018, 2019 total sales are expected to achieve various engineering machinery products in more than 10 growth, mainly due to infrastructure investment is expected to increase, and update the replacement demand will continue. Judging from dealers, September drivers industry sales growth around fifteen percent, achieve more than thirty percent growth in 2018, since this year the utilization level of engineering machinery, customer structure and collection condition continues to improve. A concrete machinery dealers in sichuan basic is given priority to with old customers, clients are also more rational and mature industry. Dealer credit sales deposits are kept at thirty percent Forty percent.

steel building materials: the fourth quarter need not pessimistic, cement prices have pushed up may

steel side, demand side don't need to worry about, because of the strong real estate and potential new development of infrastructure investment to improve is expected to support the steel demand; Under the condition of supply side or have a marginal increment, steel price and gross margin of per ton steel or have a certain pressure; But demand steady + distributed strength without aggressive easing, steel price is still expected to remain high. Shandong collar thinks the cement, the whole surface of supply and demand is expected to maintain a good balance; Demand side, beijing-tianjin-hebei YuXiNa area leading enterprise current shipments are at a higher level, 4 q infrastructure investment is expected to marginal improvement, and both are currently has certain work requirements; Supply, heating season limit production force is still expected to maintain a higher level.

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