Troops only purchase more than 100 digger preparation in the sino-indian border road

by:HMB     2021-01-12

according to the Hindustan Times reported that Indian officials sources, troops corps of engineers have taken a series of measures, including ordering a variety of the latest edition of the mountain cutting and road construction equipment; The army also ordered more than 1000 double-track landmine detector, in order to enhance mine detection ability of the corps of engineers.

data diagram: a truck after north of srinagar, India. ( Source: the Hindustan Times)

in addition, the military has also bought more than 100 sets of the latest excavator, in order to improve the engineers' laying traffic road along the mountains of northern India. According to sources, troops also plans to build 50 short span bridge, and a large number of fast moving track, to enhance the capacity of carrying soldiers.

according to the report, according to the plan, Indian engineers will start in the first place in the mountainous terrain to build roads, if need be, again by border roads organisation ( 兄弟) To further strengthen.

after India's home minister of state for the base? In zhu had to lok sabha in July 2016, according to a report in 2020, 73 will be built near the sino-indian border road. This & other; After China's footsteps in the sino-indian border infrastructure plan & throughout; In fact, as early as 2006, but the original period expires in 2012, there are 80% of the project is finished, and then extended to 2018, then both houses of parliament in India period postponed again.

the economic times of India said, 73, the Indian military is responsible for the article 46 in the highway construction of another article 27 shall be borne by the home ministry. Some analysts pointed out that the 73 road for India has important strategic significance, is to cooperate in the china-india boundary strategy an important part of the Indian side.

reported that after the long standoff between China and India hole, the Indian side immediately set out to strengthen infrastructure construction. Recently, in order to realize modernization of infantry, troops also hammered out a huge procurement plan, are expected to spend 400 billion rupees ( About 40. 8 billion yuan) Buy lots of light machine gun, carbine, assault rifles, etc.

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