Trenching technique - Excavator parts

by:HMB     2021-01-20

trench is a commonly used excavator attachments function, both in the urban construction and mining engineering. are designed to work in various places provide maximum power, strength and fuel efficiency. Here are some useful tips that can help you gain maximum benefit from a machine while working.

a. You need to take the time to complete the relevant configuration Settings. It depends on you placed your dirt pile and pipe position. Then, make sure you are in the process of working with excavator parts interference. Give yourself a reference point always use offset tag. It is not in vain, but to help you in the future to avoid unnecessary moving material.

2. Clean up the excavator parts around obstacles.

3. Along the paint line or tag path, dig deep enough so that the moat direction becomes larger, then will be aligned. It is important to note that the terrain conditions. If excavator parts can't work on the ground to the machine, then keep level. To keep the pressure of the bucket is consistent, to form a smooth, level off the groove.

4. When soil from trench dug in, remember to keep around the ditches and the surrounding area is clean and without sundry, to reduce the excavator parts other personnel or equipment safe hidden trouble. It also helps to improve the work efficiency of this process, especially in the process of loading.

5. Before to choose direction, it is recommended that you do a brief test speed, in order to keep tracking direction. If possible, try to dig the idling in front of. If in the mining, vigilant, maintain the stability of the excavator attachments.

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