Trade protection SunRenHaiJi cisa: America, the eu do not follow!

by:HMB     2021-01-18

according to excavator attachments, following a 25% import tax on imported steel products in the United States, the European Union has also announced the launch safeguards investigation of steel products to be imported. In response, the Chinese iron and steel association, 28, said, this is the practice of complication after a disturbance, the eu's a decision that will add to the international steel market unrest and instability.

' China iron and steel production capacity to effect appeared to drive the global steel market gradually warming, but the current measures taken in the us and Europe will lead to chaos in the international trade order. ” The China iron and steel association, said secretary of the party committee and the secretary-general liu zhenjiang & other; We hope that the eu carefully evaluated the influence of the tax on imported steel to take measures in the United States, carefully take safeguard measures. ”

shandong excavator parts that cisa is willing to work with the European Union for steel and iron and steel institute and enterprises from all over the world to strengthen consultations communication, jointly safeguard the stability of the international steel market. Cisa appeal at the same time, the Chinese government when it is necessary to take corresponding measures to fight imported steel products increase the impact on the Chinese market, in order to maintain market stability as well as the interests of the Chinese iron and steel enterprises.

in the United States announced a tax on imports of steel products is up to 25% of the decision, said liu zhenjiang & other; This is for us to protect the domestic steel industry to implement trade protectionism, destroy the WTO rules, disturb the order of international trade. This kind of behavior is damage to the global steel industry, but also serious harm steel products, especially the interests of American consumers, consumers will SunRenHaiJi. ”

in recent years, the iron and steel trade has become a major disaster area of sino-us trade friction. In the United States for steel & other; Throughout 232 survey &; For more than a dozen products before taking dozens of anti-dumping, countervailing measures, covering almost all kinds of steel products, and high rate of amplitude of nearly prohibitive tariffs.

in ten days ago, the United States international trade commission eventually ruled that the termination of the plaintiff U. S. steel 337 antitrust investigations on Chinese steel. China & other; Throughout 337 survey &; Of antitrust, stealing commercial secrets, imaginary three v. points of origin all won.

excavator parts small make up, said the United States for many years continuously make the steel trade friction, recent protectionist upgrade again, has aroused more and more international opposition, China's steel industry firmly to the challenge of the United States, resolutely implement the Chinese iron and steel industry is big and strong.

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