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by:HMB     2021-01-17

in the whole circle of drivers, there is a certain type of excavator parts failure can let the old and new drivers also helpless, helpless, that is cold car or just starts when drivers is normal, but it is a period of time after hot car drivers work action didn't force, speed gradually slow down. Then what caused the failure, and how to troubleshoot?

a, hydraulic oil replacement and maintenance

special reminder, relatively have a year of car, long time use knapper car must replace the hydraulic oil in time, a lot of excavator parts fault caused by hydraulic oil, cold car, of course, when the hydraulic oil sticky so cold pressure flow can be guaranteed, once the hydraulic oil temperature rise to 60 degrees or so began to slow, you must first take a look at the hydraulic oil cleanliness, oil filter, oil suction filter cleaner in check to determine down.

experts remind: excavator, 46 common hydraulic oil for the brand, the greater the viscosity, the greater the type low very prone to high temperature, brand high viscosity increases will affect speed!

2 and control oil circuit fault

when the car is slow hot check pilot pressure, if the pressure is too low, Minimum of 3. 9MPA) That is about to see if the gear pump ( Komatsu car since the pressure reducing valve) Inside leaking, the forerunner filter ( Mesh) If there are any sundry jam. If the pilot pressure is not enough, is unable to fully open the main work device of the valve stem, resulting in slow didn't force.

three, main pump failure

hot car slow fault reason is one of main pump, check the regulating pressure of main pump flow, the adjustment after the reaction is not big or little role, that is about to remove the excavator attachments of main pump inspection, regulator and wear, servo piston wear, valve plate wear, piston and cylinder wear and swash plate wear, wear these places will lead to the low pressure flow hot car.

4, electromagnetic proportional pressure reducing valve failure

there is also a excavator attachments affect electromagnetic proportional pressure reducing valve (pressure and flow of the main pump is Function of each brand name is different, basically the same) , electromagnetic proportional pressure reducing valve function is to provide the CP U computer version of signal current, make the pilot proportional relief pressure, to control the output of the pump oil amount, if there is a problem will be the same pump flow pressure too low or not adjust in one position.  

5, excavator accessories main control valve failure

in the main control valve leakage is hot car speed slow, mainly is the daily maintenance does not reach the designated position, the hydraulic oil for failing to check or replace, often used in crushing machine is the main reason resulted in the main control valve, pressure adjustment knapper improper, not timely replacement of hydraulic oil is the main control valve stem, the overflow valve, oil mouth overflow valve impact wear, resulting in leakage of whole vehicle speed slow.

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