To prolong the cycle, mechanical excavator parts remind you to pay attention to it at seven o 'clock

by:HMB     2021-01-16
A engineering machinery purchase your hand, after the factory inspection, generally have a life. Actually this is a probability. Also look at how do you use to maintain it. Excavator parts manufacturer to summarize seven engineering machinery used today need to pay attention to, for your reference.

1, the notice period. Engineering machinery service life depends largely on period in degree. Generally the running-in time of operation should not be less than 60 h, theoretically in mileage traveled not less than 1500 km. On the phone or after overhaul of the adaptation of the machinery must be good, to strengthen the maintenance and regular maintenance, avoid by all means is overload. 2, correct start-up, shut down the engine. The correct engine startup and shutdown, directly affects the service life of the engine and the service life of worm gear booster. Statistics show that in the engine wear, start wear accounted for about 30% of & ndash; 50%, particularly in the winter starts the wear volume increases, the reason is the parking for several hours after the oil film between piston and cylinder wall and the lubricating oil flows back to the bottom. Winter low temperature start after the oil in slow, lead to increased engine wear, in order to reduce engine wear, and before the start of hand crank rolled forward motive crankshaft are available, and try to make the oil reaches the friction surface, a short period of time when parking, don't put out the engine, put out 5 - should be idle run before 10 minutes, moreover also notice to do a good job of preheating before starting the engine.

3, keep the engine to normal operating temperature. Engine coolant temperature is 80 - at work 90℃。 Temperature is too high will cause metal expansion ratio increases, destroyed the normal work, easy to make the piston killed the harm such as bad fracture, piston, cylinder, high temperature is easy to make oil is thinning, accelerate the oxidation, intensifying cylinder wear, according to the test when coolant 50 ℃ engine wear is coolant 2-90 ℃ Three times. 4, moderate speed, and don't overload operation. Medium-speed namely economic engine speed, low speed when the match is difficult to form good lubricating oil film between parts, parts wear large, medium speed when the lubricating film formation, wear and tear will be reduced gradually, the high-speed timing temperature will lead to the oil viscosity, oil film formation, wear, excavator accessories manufacturers.

5, prevent engineering machinery work overload. The transmission engineering machinery overload can lead to engine and chassis components overload. Excavator accessories manufacturers understand that when the engine speed constant load increasing 2 times, engine wear is also close to 2 times. Mechanical overload through rough roads, easy cause frame deformation and fracture, influence the transmission system to work normally, and the service life of the overload acceleration of tyre wear, even a flat tire, and increase the load of clutch, gearbox, reducer, also easy to make the sedan, overload axle tube, half shaft, such as leaf spring deformation or fracture.

6。 Avoid a deflagration. Test showed that the deflagration serious when can make the upper part of the cylinder wear quantity increase by 3 - Five times, still can make bearing alloy impaired early fall off, or bad cylinder pad and sometimes even make damage of piston and rod assembly. Therefore, when using, 1) To change gear in time, reduce engine load and speed increase, 2) To adjust the ignition ( Oil supply) Advance Angle of time, 3) To keep clear of the combustion chamber carbon deposition. 7, strengthen construction machinery maintenance. Practice has proved that often keep the air clean fuel and oil filters, the friction surface good lubrication and adjust each clearance, can effectively prolong the service life of engineering machinery.

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