To implement a winning national work conference on environmental protection: the blue sky battle plan in three years

by:HMB     2021-01-21

recently concluded in 2018 the national environmental protection work conference decided that this year will be fully start winning blue sky battle battle plan. The win blue sky battle three years plan, a key regional implementation plan for the control of air pollution.

specific measures include: steady progress was made in the north area clean and warm, speed up eliminating small coal-fired boilers. Promoting the railway freight rate and the excess emissions of diesel truck. Continue to push forward coal ultra low emissions, start the steel industry ultra-low emission, strengthen management of key industries volatile organic compounds. Strengthen key zone from spreading, carry out regional emergency linkage.

' Lay the pollution prevention and control of the sign of battle was to make the total discharge of major pollutants dropped sharply, ecological environmental quality will improve overall, green development level increased significantly, top priority is to win the blue sky, significantly improve the people's happiness in the blue sky. In water and soil pollution control, solid waste disposal, etc. , solid play several fruitful annihilation. ” Environment minister li ganjie emphasis.

in the aspect of water pollution prevention, environmental protection ministry will promote 36 key cities and the Yangtze river economic belt black smelly water regulation, promote regional surface water source of drinking water and above city clean-up. Urge the relevant local standard compiled in accordance with the implementation of water within a time limit to make planning. Advance the industrial pollution source overall up to standard. Supervise the 2. 50000 incorporated villages in the comprehensive improvement of the environment. Pollution control in key river bay.

the ministry has also proposed that the all-round prevention and cure of soil pollution. Deepening detailed survey of soil pollution. Conduct involving heavy metal industry enterprises. We will speed up the establishment of a leading area for the prevention and control of soil pollution and soil pollution control and remediation technologies application pilot. Driving around the layout optimization of hazardous waste disposal facilities. Develop chemical environmental management strategies. Push to develop & other No waste throughout the city &; The construction of the pilot.

at the same time, the environmental protection department in accordance with the rules in accordance with the management of major project eia. Strengthening & other; Scattered throughout dirt &; The comprehensive improvement of the enterprise clusters. Promote the reform of environment mark product procurement. Promote the soil contamination prevention law, tradable permits management regulations in areas such as laws, regulations and rules and system revision. Increase investment in ecological and environmental protection fields to fill short board.

' Play good pollution control to be completed this year is still environmental priorities, the corresponding investment space also is very big. ” Clear water source executive vice President of any flat is expected, the scale of investment in related fields both in the level of ten billion yuan or one hundred billion yuan.

national work conference on environmental protection, environmental law enforcement supervision must be strengthened. To carry out the central environmental protection supervision rectification of & other; Looking back throughout the &; , the battle against pollution prevention key areas of the organization to carry out the motor type, point type special supervision, fully carry out the provincial environmental protection supervision. Atmosphere pollution control in key areas and areas to strengthen supervision and crack down on imports of waste processing and distribution center for solid waste and hazardous waste industry related environmental violations, garbage incineration power generation industry special law enforcement, urban black smelly water management, centralized water source of drinking water, environmental protection & other; Green shield & throughout; National nature reserve, the supervision and inspection and so on six big initiative.

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