To excavator to return to work to force, excavator spare parts necessary for the maintenance

by:HMB     2021-01-19
Many engineering gradually return to work, want to miss you excavator to return to work to a force, excavator spare parts necessary for maintenance. So what can we do to reduce the machine's problem, several major maintenance method introduces for you below.

fuel management on the basis of the environment temperature, choose different type, qualified fuel. Or high sulfur inferior fuel will damage to engine or excavator attachments; Diesel mixed with impurities, dirt and water, otherwise will make fuel pump wear prematurely; For excavator driver daily homework after fuel tank to fill it up with fuel, avoid tank wall produce water droplets; Daily homework before open fuel oil on the water the water drain valve at the bottom.

engine oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil management can't keep a mixture of different type and grade of oil; To ensure the oil clean, avoid clutter ( Water, dust, particles, etc. ) Mixed with; Choose different label according to the environmental temperature and use of oil, high environmental temperature, choose the viscosity of engine oil, low environmental temperature is choose a relatively small oil viscosity; Gear oil viscosity is bigger, in order to comply with the larger transmission load; The hydraulic oil viscosity is small, aims to increase the liquid resistance activities.

smooth oil management smooth oil can reduce the appearance of wear, avoid the damage of excavator parts. Smooth and grease during storage, to pay more attention to cannot be mixed with dust, sand, water and other impurities; When filling, want to try out all the old oil and clean, avoid sand adhesion.

excavator accessories filter maintenance of filter have the effect of filtering impurities in oil or gas path, to prevent intrusion caused parts failure; To use suitable filter machine; All kinds of filter in accordance with ( Operation and maintenance manual) When requirements change regularly, replace the cartridge, should check whether attached to the old filter with metal, such as metal particles are detected, should be timely clean. In the excavator appeared problem does not work, please do not continue to use it to assignments, lest increase the excavator parts damage.

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