To ensure smooth production, bucket axis machine tool maintenance cannot little!

by:HMB     2021-01-12

dou shaft production is dependent on the nc machine tools, to production is completed, with good quality should be carried out to the airport after downtime maintenance, in order to reduce the daily production machine malfunction, resulting in shutdown, finish the production task.

1。 Keep the equipment clean constantly to do a good job of nc machine tools clean. On main parts such as the workbench, bare guide, operation panel, etc. , should be cleaned once per shift. A week for the machine to make a relatively thorough cleaning and wiping. Pay special attention to the guide rail, bedplate converters and knife knife in the library of scraps timely cleaning. 2. Regular inspection on each part need to check the main parts: hydraulic oil, lubrication and cooling device ( Liquid) A; Air pressure, air filter unit; Oil mist lubrication device; The emergency stop button, the axis of limit switch, etc. , all parts should be check regularly.

3。 To make the necessary adjustment and change according to the inspection situation, adjust and change when necessary, for example: guide clearance adjustment, belt of firmness. If worn drive belt, the carbon brush shorter than the length of the provisions of the cleanliness of hydraulic oil, such problems as not enough, you must change accordingly.

the above is a pipe shaft manufacturer of machine tool maintenance to summarize some experience and doing these can greatly reduce the production of machine tool failure, when the numerical control machine tool accessories, follow the steps and method can detect correctly judge fault reason and fault position.

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