Three tips: it is necessary to know the main drivers of track maintenance

by:HMB     2021-01-27
Machine Lord knows, walking part of the excavator is mainly by the driving wheel, chain wheel, roller and track link, excavator every homework will be essential to operate. Therefore, when the equipment operation to a certain time, these parts will appear different degree of wear and tear. Today, seiko Yang will share for the owners' three excavator crawler maintenance tips to help you reduce the drivers track wear and avoid walking excavator failure caused by track wear in the future, spend a lot of energy to repair. Tips, when found that drivers crawler cannot run, need to repair in time if a excavator attachments sprocket or roller can't continue to work, continue to use in such condition, there may be the cause of roller mill partial, and may even lead to wear track link. Therefore, when encounter such a situation, please be sure to repair immediately, such ability can avoid other malfunction in time. Tips and avoid excavators in sloping ground or suddenly turned to dig the captain time walking, suddenly turned on sloping ground, repeatedly side leads to track link and driving wheel and the side of the guide wheel contact, leading to the degree of wear and tear. Excavator operation process, therefore, should as far as possible choose straight line and turn, so that we can effectively prevent excessive wear. Tip 3, regular check, reinforcement bolt and nut, which can effectively reduce the track abrasion mining, after the pilot time work roller, driving wheel of crawler plate bolts, bolt, walking piping components such as easily due to vibration and loosening. If the crawler plate bolts loose cases continue to operate the equipment and may create a gap between the bolt and crawler board, resulting in crawler board cracks. And clearance may also increase the result of bolt hole between track and track link, there is no way to tighten, lead to the consequences of the track and track link must be replaced. The three above the drivers of track maintenance tips do you have learned? Although the cause of excavator crawler wear mostly from small details, but it is these easy to overlook a small detail, is likely to lead to big faults and consequences. Believe that only care accumulate over a long period of equipment, equipment to be replenished. Today's excavator crawler maintenance skills to introduce you to them and more excavator related experience sharing content will continue to send for you.
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