This summer, excavator driving and excavator parts and maintenance, remember that 7!

by:HMB     2021-01-14
The hot weather, bring to operators and excavator are the larger test. manufacturer to remind the driver friend, pay attention to the timely supply of water in the work, regular heat supplies, so only can be more efficient to complete the work content. Similarly, excavator in the face of the high temperature working environment, also need many of excavator attachments maintenance, to ensure construction excavators and efficiency!

a, the reasonable use add fuel excavator in summer also in need of reasonable use of fuel in a timely manner. In regular gas station to buy the required fuel, best way to ensure the quality of the product. At the same time not exceeding when supply fuel and engine oil, fuel oil not only improve the use too much, will also accelerate the damage of excavator accessories such as air cylinder.

2, add in time and replace the antifreeze don't be misled by the name of the antifreeze, antifreeze is not only used in winter! Characteristics of high boiling point, can let it in sorching summer, more effectively avoid the water boiled, for summer use is very important. Therefore, if you don't want to excavator & other; Boiled & throughout; , just in time to see if antifreeze need to replace or add. Must replace conform to the rules of formal fangdongye, do not mix different brands, or you'll etch or may clog the engine cooling system.

3, check the brake system, prevent the blowout relative to the wheel excavators, outdoor operations in the summer, hot weather can cause tire pressure, tire blowout. So, want to often see braking system related to effectiveness of the whole equipment, in order to reduce the security hidden danger. But not allowed to use cool water rushed pouring tire and the method of the braking system to mandatory to reduce the temperature, the relative to the machine will lead to destruction.

4, select the appropriate lubricant high quality lubricating oil relative to the excavator performance key is extremely important. Because of higher summer temperatures, excavator with temperature increase. Temperatures and lubricating oil will become soft, the adhesion performance of lubricating oil would also reduce, equipment lubrication also decreases. High temperature resistant performance is good lubricating oil can ensure the adhesion performance under high temperature, also relatively slow its deterioration failure process. In the protection of performance at the same time, in fact, cost does not rise.

5, easy blockage of storage tank, the hydraulic oil radiators and air conditioning condenser will always clean dredging excavator operation environment tend to have some messy, after often period of running, machinery and equipment of the hydraulic oil storage tank, the outer surface of the radiator and air-conditioning condenser is very easy to deposit all kinds of dust, which some dust will retard the cooling effect of machinery and equipment, resulting in failure of excavator parts. So in the summer, regular maintenance inspection and cleaning dredge the related equipment, can let the excavator to avoid high temperature, stable operation, can also be for the driver in the driving room with cool and refreshing and comfortable operating environment.

6, operations need to be careful to face wading the summer rainfall is more, occasional rain, short time should be careful when wade working face. Water overflow rotary big gear ring, to replace the lubrication oil in the gear ring! Because the sediment into lubricating oil will increase quickly excavator attachments damaged, reduce the service life. When the water construction work, don't make the excavator slope is higher than 15 & deg; To avoid the upper flooding and damage the radiator fan.

7, timely check site maintenance cabin air conditioners in the hot summer, often the dust float in the sky. A clean and comfortable operating environment for machinist health and work efficiency is very important. Summer when using air conditioning, should remember to overhaul cabin air conditioning system, including air conditioning filter mesh is too dirty, if there is a foreign body such as radiators, change to do regular cleaning, to ensure that the air conditioning refrigeration effect.

to the spirit of anti epidemic in China & other; The paper clay, leading & throughout; Use to work, do a good job in logistics. For the drivers face the challenges of the summer, regular maintenance and maintenance of the excavator parts, can help us to better cope with the challenge of high temperature and reduce the fault cause of project delay.

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