The working principle of the thermostat

by:HMB     2021-01-29
Thermostat is to control the cooling fluid flow path of the valve. Is a kind of automatic temperature control device, usually contains thermal components, through the expansion or cold to turn on, turn off the flow of air, gas or liquid. Its principle is based on the amount of water in cooling water temperature automatic adjustment into the radiator, change the water cycle, in order to adjust the cooling capacity of cooling system, ensure the engine work in the appropriate temperature range. Thermostat must keep good technical state, otherwise it will seriously affect the normal work of the engine. Such as thermostat main valve open too late, will cause the engine overheating; Main valve to open early, make the engine preheating time extended, the engine temperature is too low. When the engine cold start car running, such as water tank water chamber inlet line and cooling water flow, shows the thermostat main valve can not close; When the engine cooling water temperature over 70 degrees Celsius, without cooling water flow, water tank water chamber inlet line shows thermostat main valve can't normal open, and it needs to be repaired. Thermostat inspection: the inspection after the engine start: open the radiator cap of water, if the radiator cooling water is quiet, indicates thermostat works well, otherwise, said thermostat work properly. This is because, when the water temperature below 70 ℃, thermostat expansion tube was contracting, main valve closed; When the water temperature higher than 80 ℃, expansion tube, the main valve is opened, the radiator in the circulating water began to flow. When water thermometer instructions below 70 ℃, the radiator inlet line if there is water flow, the water temperature is warm, the table season probe is main valve closed lax, early to make cooling water circulation. Water temperature rise after the check: early engine working, the water temperature of soon; When water thermometer indicates 80, rising at a slower pace, indicates thermostat to work normally. Conversely, if the water temperature has been rising quickly, when the internal pressure reaches a certain extent, suddenly boiling water overflow, suggests that the main valve with binding, suddenly opened.
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