The working principle of the nozzle

by:HMB     2021-01-25
The nozzle itself is a normally closed valve ( Normally closed valve mean when there is no input control signal, the valve has been closed; Normally open valve is when there is no input control signal, the valve has been in an open position) By a valve needle up and down movement to control valves open and close. When the ECU injection instructions, the voltage signal can make the current flows through the coil inside the nozzle, produce a magnetic field to the valve needle aspiration, make open valve so that oil can flow oil hole. Fuel path, the first since the fuel tank, fuel pump pu to the pipeline, oil pipeline and fuel oil to the rail, and the fuel rail pressure regulating valve to control the fuel pressure, and make sure to send to each cylinder fuel pressure are the same. On the other hand, the pressure regulating valve will be through the pressure will be too much oil to return pipe and flow back into the tank. The nozzle on the fuel rail are connected at one end, and the nozzle is on each cylinder of inlet. Engine ECU according to engine operation condition on the nozzle spray instructions, fuel injection quantity is by the fuel pressure and nozzle injection time is determined, fuel pressure in the fuel rail has been controlled by pressure regulating valve, and pressure of fuel pressure regulating valve is the manifold vacuum ( Engine load) Adjust, so the ECU to control the fuel injection time, when the engine needs more fuel, fuel injection time is longer, conversely injection time is shorter.
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