The working principle of the excavator hydraulic oil cylinder

by:HMB     2021-01-26
In hydraulic system of hydraulic oil cylinder is actuators, generally by the cylinder block, cylinder rod ( The piston rod) Internal and seals, cylinder by the piston is divided into two parts, a oil hole, respectively. Due to liquid compression ratio is small, so when one of the feed oil hole, the piston will be pushed to make another hatch out of oil, the piston drives the piston rod to do ( Back) Sports, vice versa. Hydraulic cylinder of the most basic of five parts: the cylinder and the cylinder head, piston and piston rod, seal, the buffer device, exhaust device. The working principle of each cylinder are almost similar, with a manual jack, jack also is actually a simple cylinder. By manual pressurization stem ( Hydraulic manual pump) Make hydraulic oil through a one-way valve into the cylinder, then into the cylinder of the hydraulic oil, because of the single valve can't back, forcing cylinder rod up, and then work continue to make the hydraulic oil into the hydraulic cylinder, thus constantly on the rise, will send when they open the hydraulic valve, the hydraulic oil tank back to, this is the most simple working principle.
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