The working principle of the excavator

by:HMB     2021-01-27
Working device is directly mining task unit, it consists of three parts such as movable arm, arm and bucket hinge. Movable arm ups and downs, the length of arm and bucket rotating reciprocating control double-acting hydraulic cylinder. In order to meet the needs of the various construction, hydraulic excavators can be equipped with a variety of work device, such as mining, lifting, loading, level off, clamp, bulldozing, impact hammer and other operation equipments.
oil cylinder or hydraulic cylinder hydraulic cylinder is the output force and the effective area and the pressure difference on both sides of the piston is proportional to the linear motion type actuators. Its function is to convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. Hydraulic cylinder of the input is a fluid flow and pressure, the output is a linear movement speed and force. The piston of hydraulic cylinder can accomplish linear reciprocating motion, the linear displacement output is limited.
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