The working principle of starter motor

by:HMB     2021-01-29
Start the motor by transmission mechanism, control mechanism (commonly Electromagnetic switch) And the dc motor. Start the motor working principle is to make the battery into mechanical power, so as to drive the engine flywheel rotating, thus realize the engine starting. Dc motor electromagnetic torque, that is to say, direct current motor is responsible for turning. Transmission mechanism makes the starter motor driven gear mesh into the flywheel ring gear, will start the motor on the dc motor torque to the engine flywheel, engine crankshaft rotates, the engine parts to carry on the work cycle, until the engine is running; After the engine starting, the starter off gear ring automatically. Electromagnetic switch is responsible for connected, to cut off the circuit between the dc motor and battery. Start the motor according to control mechanism can be divided into direct manipulation and electromagnetic manipulation, now we most common starter motor for electromagnetic control type. Every time start the motor starting time should not be too long, generally in 10 seconds for the best. Start motor twice start time interval in 1 minutes is suitable, the best is greater than one minute. If three consecutive cannot start, at this time should be on the engine, battery, electrical line and the connection point for inspection. For no starter motor over-current protection device, if three consecutive cannot start, let start the motor stop working right now, because the starting current is too large, working long hours at this time due to the current will cause the starter motor overheating; , if continue to forcibly starter motor, the motor will most likely have burned. After change to start the motor, should pay attention to the positive and negative line contact point, it is best to clean the contact point after the installation is firm, otherwise will cause the problem of hot car didn't start the engine.
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