The working principle of hammer

by:HMB     2021-01-25
Gun head, also known as broken hammer, stone crusher, crushing machine, is one of the excavator often use the affiliated fittings, often used to mountain, broken roads, houses, Bridges, mines and broken rock conditions such as homework. On the gun head structure is mainly divided into three large: block ( Nitrogen room) And in the cylinder body ( Oil cylinder) , and the cylinder body, through the four tower bolt connection. For low pressure nitrogen cylinder body, is a piston in the cylinder, accumulator, oil seal, valve, etc. , there in the cylinder body steel, flat pin, cross pin, inner and outer bushing, etc. Can be seen from the above broken hammer hammer's main structure is divided into body ( Movement) And support, including plywood, plywood under protection effect to the machine core respectively, and the drill rod is direct contact with the material in the crushing operation. The accumulator main buffer protection role, to a certain extent can lengthen the service life of the crushing apparatus. General small hammer or drill rod diameter less than 10 cm of broken hammer assembly accumulator. Gun head is powered hydrostatic pressure, hydraulic drive piston run up, compressed nitrogen at the same time, when the piston to the reversing valve, hydraulic direction change makes the piston down, at the same time, influenced by nitrogen and piston weight force, so that the piston high-speed impact drill rod, the reciprocating motion of broken rock, concrete and other solid operations.
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